Capitals ripped for tasteless tweet praising Tom Wilson cheap shot against Rangers

Tom Wilson has been a cheap shot artist for his entire eight-year NHL career, but his antics hit a dangerous new low on Monday night in a game against the Rangers.

In a violent scrum in front of the goal, the Capitals goon first sucker-punched Pavel Buchnevich when he went down to the ice, then grabbed Artemi Panarin by the hair and body slammed him against the ice, resulting in a ten-minute penalty. Panarin could miss the rest of the season, and many have called for a long suspension for Wilson in wake of the incident.

The Capitals’ social media team apparently didn’t see it that way. In a since-deleted tweet, the team posted a picture of Wilson after the incident, turning it into a cringe-worthy meme.

“atCapitals chooses: Violence,” the caption read. On the side, it alluded to Wilson living “rent-free” in others’ heads, before calling him “the best goal scorer in the league.”

The tweet was ripped apart from all sides, with many attacking the team for being tasteless in the wake of the brutal hits. The backlash grew so swift that the team eventually deleted the tweet, though not before it was screenshotted by many.

Wilson has already been suspended five times in his career, and is likely facing a sixth.

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