Brandon McCarthy is so sick of listening to Alex Rodriguez

Former Yankees pitcher Brandon McCarthy has had enough of Alex Rodriguez in the broadcast booth.

“Just can’t listen to these games anymore,” McCarthy tweeted as the Dodgers routed the Mets during “Sunday Night Baseball” on ESPN. “Baseball has to do better than this.”

When a fan followed up his tweet with a critique of Rodriguez, McCarthy responded: “ARod doesn’t speak like a person who’s ever had a normal conversation. Tonally, inflection, the points he’s making, and how he makes them…all of it pushes you away as opposed to drawing you in.”

Rodriguez generally hasn’t been well-received since joining ESPN’s booth in 2018. Not only was he one of the faces of the Biogenesis performance-enhancement drug scandal, but Rodriguez also often speaks in platitudes and stumbles on his words.

The 46-year-old also has been rebuked for using the platform to serve his self-interests. While trying to buy the Mets last summer, Rodriguez publicly advocated for a salary cap in baseball — despite earning more than $450 million during his playing days.

Alex Rodriguez; Brandon McCarthy
Alex Rodriguez; Brandon McCarthy
AP, Paul J. Bereswill

McCarthy spoke out against A-Rod, then, too.

“I hope to god he’s shouted out of every clubhouse he attempts to enter in this and future seasons,” McCarthy, who currently is a special assistant to Rangers GM Chris Young, said of A-Rod at the time.

The two never played together. McCarthy’s only season in The Bronx came in 2014, when Rodriguez was suspended by MLB for violating the PED policy.

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