Bangladesh bank on experience in must-win game against Oman


Having failed to finish Scotland off after reducing them to 53 for 6, the Group B favourites must bring their A game against the hosts

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Bangladesh-Oman is looking increasingly like a knockout game in Group B, particularly after Scotland shocked Bangladesh on the opening day. Oman have already crushed Papua New Guinea, which means another win gives them a huge advantage in terms of net run rate. For Bangladesh, another defeat can only mean an early exit, the stuff of nightmares.

Their supporters around the world are already enraged after they went down by six runs against Scotland. It wasn’t just the opposition or the margin of defeat, but how Bangladesh went down that stood out. Bangladesh are an established international side whose infrastructure and playing experience far outweigh those of the other teams in this group. But on Sunday, they failed to finish Scotland off after reducing them to 53 for 6. Scotland grabbed the big moments while Bangladesh, after that early dominance, seemed to play the waiting game.

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