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Siblings you’ve never seen until now

Siblings, we love them, we hate them, and we can’t picture our lives without them. While some of us may already think our siblings are amazing. The people you’re about to meet are exceptional.

Kinsan Ginsan

How long do you want to live? Would you want to make it to the age of 100 or older? Gin and Kin were Twins who were born in Nagoya, Japan in 1892. But they didn’t become famous until 1991 when they turned 99 years old. Their names mean “Silver” and “Gold” Respectively, and they always had a positive and encouraging attitude throughout their lives. The world learned about their story when the mayor of Nagoya visited the twins for “Respect the Aged Day,” which is a holiday in Japan that was created thanks to the country having the highest life expectancy in the World. Gin and Kin became a favorite not only in Japan but around the World. They had some of those positive attitudes for their age, and they soon started appearing on talk shows and game shows. In January 2000, Kin passed away from heart failure at the age of 107, and Gin passed away in her sleep at the age of 108 in February 2001. Japan sought permission to perform an autopsy on the sisters to see if they could unlock the secret of not only a long life but maintaining a good attitude and outlook on life.

Black and White

We tend to think of twins looking identical or nearly identical. Even if the twins are biracial, we assume that they will look similar with a good mix of both parents. But Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant certainly prove these assumptions wrong. Their parents, Dean Durant and Alison Spooner, are a Biracial couple with Durrant being black and Spooner being white. When they gave birth to the twins in 2001, they were shocked to see that the girls were biracial. You wouldn’t even think that they were Sisters. If that wasn’t amazing enough, when Durrant and Spooner had their second set of twins in 2009, the exact same thing Happened! Of course, this is the perfect recipe for getting into the News. Miya favors her father, and Leah prefers her mother. Not only have scientists said that having two sets of twins in a row is rare, but having two sets that look so different is even more rare! We’re talking one in the millions of this incident occurring. Well, it seems that biology still has a thing or two to teach us.

Jim Twins

Studying twins have given doctors a glimpse of just how much genetics play a role in how we live our lives. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were twins who were separated at Birth when they were only 4 weeks old. They didn’t reunite until 1979 when they were 39 years old. The brothers had some knowledge of each other where one thought the other twin passed at birth, while the other didn’t have an interest in meeting his brother. They were both named Jim, they both drove the same car, vacationed at the same beach, smoked Salem cigarettes, and both suffered from tension headaches. They also grew up just 45 miles apart in Ohio. Both brothers were married to a woman named Linda for their first marriage, and they both married a woman named Betty for their second marriage. If you think that’s creepy enough, they both were appointed sheriffs in their towns, had a dog named Toy, and had sons named Caleb Allen. Obviously, the brothers were the perfect candidates for behavioral science studies, and researchers said that they were like the exact same person who took the test twice. Of course, this brought up the debate of how much Nature Vs. Nurture has an effect on our upbringing.

Scream Your Head off

Kidnapping is one of those awful things that continues to happen each day. But in the case of this story, there is a wonderful and happy ending to it all. 22-Month old Owen Wright was playing in the park with his 10-Year old brother Brendan and his 8-Year old sister Delicia. Their father was at work, so the kids were unsupervised. While playing, a stranger came and swiped up Owen and ran. But Owen siblings weren’t going to let the guy get away. They started chasing the man while Delicia screamed her head off. Her screams caught the attention of other people, and two teenagers joined the chase. The kidnapper eventually had to put Owen down and keep running. But the important part is that Owen was safe and sound thanks to his daring siblings who put their own lives at risk by chasing down the kidnapper. Plus, Delicia got some major kudos for her screaming. The story of these siblings actually ended serving a good lesson for any person, young and old. When you’re chasing after someone who kidnapped your baby, scream your head off. Well, you’ve made it halfway into the Article! Let’s take a break with a Quiz! We love celebrities, and many of them having siblings we don’t know about. Which actor from “That 70’S Show” has a twin Brother? Find out at the end of the Article!

Do Everything Together

Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham are fraternal twins who did everything together throughout their life. But after they moved out of the house and got married in such, they were living life a bit more independently, or so they thought. They both got pregnant and had the exact same due date: April 22nd. Of course, we all know that babies work in their own time and it’s not surprising if the birth happens before or after the due date. In other words, the chances of the twins giving birth on the same day is around 8 and 100,000, which is about the same odds as getting struck by lightning twice. Well, on April 30th, Grant gave birth to a baby boy named Roman at 11:42 AM. Then, Abraham also gave birth to a boy on the same day at 3:21 PM. The New Jersey Twins swear that they didn’t plan any of this. The odds of them both giving birth to the same gender is 4 in 100,000, which are even more impressive odds. Regardless of any naysayers, the twins are thrilled and are planning on raising their “Not Twin” Sons together. They even want to dress the boys in the same adorable outfits!

Real Life Parent Trap

Remember the 1961 movie, “The Parent Trap” where two identical twins just happened to find each other at summer camp, switch places, and then get their parents back together? If you don’t remember Hayley Mills doing double time playing Sharon and Susan, you might remember Lindsey Lohan in the 1998 remake playing Hallie and Annie. Surely something like that couldn’t happen in real life? Well, it did, but not at summer camp. Instead, it was on YouTube! In 2012, Anais Bordier was a French fashion student living in London when she found the YouTube video of Samantha Futerman, who is an actress living in Los Angeles. Struck by their resemblance, Bordier did some digging and found out they were born on the same day in Korea and then put up for adoption. She then reached out to Futerman on Facebook, and the two got to talking. They had a Skype meeting, and they realize that they were long lost Twins! The twin sisters were raised on two different continents about 4,000 miles apart from each other, not even realizing that the other existed. So the fact that they were able to reunite is nothing short of Amazing! There weren’t any hijinks involving string, honey, and bringing divorced parents back together though.

Special Aunties

Sometimes, when there’s something you want the most, your family can help you get it. In July 2013 when Samantha Brand was 27, she found out that she had Ovarian Cancer. Brand had a 40% chance of making it 5 Years and a 10% chance of surviving the Cancer. She wasn’t expected to make it past Christmas. But with the support of her family and her determination, she lasted well past Christmas and made a full recovery! But this isn’t the only miracle we’re talking about. Because of the cancer, Brand was infertile. But after her miraculous survival, she and her husband Ben decided to try to have a family. However, they weren’t having much luck with surrogacy, and IVF failed over a dozen times. This is where the Brand’s sisters came in. Sister Nikkita donated her egg, and sister Rachel was the surrogate. This became a real team effort as the whole family was involved. With the power of love, Samantha and Ben were finally parents! Little Baby Starla was born in October 2016, and her parents couldn’t be more Thrilled. Because of their incredible story, the three sisters got lots of TV show interviews as well as news coverage!

Thanks Dwayne

So typically, trying stuff out that you saw on TV or in the movies isn’t a good idea. They have those Disclaimers at the beginning of a show for a reason! But in the case of 10-Year old Jacob O’Connor, it ended up saving his baby brother’s life. In July 2017, O’Connor had noticed his baby brother’s shoe in the pool before finally seeing his body floating in the water. Instead of panicking, O’Connor Sprung into action and retrieved his 2-Year old brother from the pool and started doing chest compressions until the little tyke vomited some water, saving his life. But where did O’Connor learn how to do that without formal CPR training? A week before the incident, O’Connor had watched the movie “San Andreas,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There is a scene in the movie where Johnson is trying to save his daughter’s life with chest compressions before she’s finally saved. So when O’Connor had seen his brother about to drown, he did what he saw Dwayne Johnson do on TV. The 10-Year old Michigan boy was hailed a hero by his family, local law enforcement, and even the Rock himself! O’Connor’s story not only became a hit in the local news outlet, but also around the United States and the whole World! Which actor from “That 70’S Show” has a twin Brother? That would be Ashton Kutcher. His twin brother Michael was born with cerebral palsy and had a heart transplant at 13. Ashton says that Michael has taught him a lot about love and loving the people around us.

Angelina Burt

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