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10 Luckiest lottery Winners

1. Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan

Australian man Bill Morgan was already lucky, considering that he survived a fatal accident being on life support after being declared dead for 14 minutes and 12 days in a coma. A year later in 1999, Morgan bought a scratch off ticket and won $17,000. The media caught wind of Morgan’s incredible story, so they bought a new ticket for him to recreate the moment on camera, realizing that he won another $170,000.

2. Calvin and Zatera Spencer

Calvin and Zatera Spencer

Calvin and Zatera Spencer are likely the luckiest couple in the state of Virginia. They won the lottery not one, not two, but three times in one month. The first time was March 12th for $1 Million, then they won $50,000 from 10 different winning tickets on March 26th, then the next day, they won another $1 Million.

3. Carmelo Mercado

Carmelo Mercado

On September 11th, 2001 Carmelo Mercado was a firefighter from queens who was a first responder after the twin towers fell. Three years after, he had to retire from 9/11 related illnesses. Since then he and his family struggled to pay their bills. But in July of 2015, Carmelo won $5 Million dollars from a scratch-off card. Mercado took home his winnings in a lump sum payment after Taxes.

4. Lisa Quam

Lisa Quam

Most people who play, let alone win the lottery, have been trying for several years, including reading up on several techniques on how to win. But all Lisa Quam was doing was some grocery shopping, and decided to play the Powerball lottery for the first time. She ended up getting all 6 numbers correct and winning $90 Million Dollars.

5. James Bozeman, Jr.

James Bozeman, Jr.

In August of 2013, James Bozeman, Jr. Made history when he picked out his numbers and lotto ticket from a local 7-eleven in Edgewood, a neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida. He ended up winning the Million Dollar jackpot. But that’s not where the story ends because Bozeman won the $10 Million Dollar jackpot the year before from the same 7-eleven. Obviously, Bozeman is hoping win #3 is coming soon.

6. Virginia Fike

Virginia Fike

Virginia Fike had to lottery tickets that matched 5 of the 6 Powerball numbers, worth $1 Million Dollars each. This meant that Fike won $2 Million Dollars on the same day. She picked her numbers based on her parents’ anniversary their ages, and the year they were married divided by 2.

7. Deisi Ocampo

Deisi Ocampo

On her 19th birthday, Daisi Ocampo was handed two Illinois lottery tickets by her father. What she didn’t expect was that she would be the winner of $4 Million Dollars. That’s quite a way to start off your journey into adulthood.

8. Joseph Morrah

Joseph Morrah

On Father’s Day of 2015, Joseph Marrah’s daughter Christina was scrambling to find a last minute gift for her dear old dad. She bought a card, and her mom suggested buying a $20 lottery ticket. When truck driver Joseph Morrah opened the card and scratched the lottery ticket, he realized that he had won $1 Million Dollars.

9. Jerry Ritieni

Jerry Ritieni

Jerry Ritieni was an auto shop owner who was playing the New York lotto every week for the past decade. He stuck his tickets in different nooks and crannies, saving them “Just in Case”. While he was going through his truck’s console, Ritieni found a misplaced lottery ticket from a month before. When he checked the lotto’s website, he realized he was the winner of $2.9 Million Dollars.

10. Richard Noll

Richard Noll

All Richard Noll was trying to do was break a $100 bills so that he could get some lunch from a sandwich shop. He purchased two platinum millions instant scratch off tickets, valued at $20 each. What he didn’t expect was that after scratching off the cards, he would be the winner of $10 Million Dollars. His plans with the winnings? buy a house, invest, and take his granddaughter to Disney World.

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