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These days, every new food combination on social media seems to be a bizarre one. While we agree that many of them are actually bizarre, there are combos that are worth a try and a few of them are healthy too. Recently, we came across a post that talks about pickled garlic, and netizens’ are curious to know what is this unique food combination and is it worth a try?

The post was shared by an Instagram account called frommeatlovertoplantbased and it suggests that you can use this combination as a topping for a salad or Buddha Bowl. Have a look at the post:

How to make pickled garlic?
To make this easy snackable recipe, all you need to do is soak garlic pods in a mix of vinegar and assorted spices and herbs. Once the garlic is fermented and ready to eat, you can eat it like that or club it with a snack of your choice.

As soon as the images were shared on Twitter, users were interested in knowing the recipe and trying it at home. Have a look at people’s reaction to the trend:

Is it healthy?

According to health experts, eating pickled garlic is good for the human body during the summer season. It protects the body from heatwaves and also keeps thirst at ease during the changing weather. While you can make it in white vinegar, it is also effective when made with sugar cane vinegar along with dried red chilli and jackfruit.

Have you tried it till date? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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