Travel Safety Tips During Coronavirus: The safest ways to travel right now, as per health experts

While travelling does assume a level of risk, remember that vaccination is the definite option which will make your experience safer (not fool proof though). Vaccination against coronavirus secures you against the risk of a number of complications- including severity, mortality and many risks that are far more scary for somebody who is unvaccinated right now. Many states, or countries abroad also require a proof of vaccination from travellers, hence, if you must wish to travel, do get inoculated as and when it’s made available.

It’s also important to remember that full-vaccination (i.e. two whole doses) of the COVID-19 are needed to be fully immunized and have protection against coronavirus and the many variants which continue to lurk around right now. While the first dose offers some (or scanty) protection, the second dose is extremely crucial to charge the immune system, and cut out many of the risk factors of contracting COVID-19 when you go. Once you are fully immunized, you will be relatively safer and travel wisely as well.

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