Tokyo Olympics 2020: 5 lessons every child can learn from watching the Olympics | Eagles Vine

All athletes who do participate in the Olympics toil hard, practice for years, endure pressures and challenges along the way to give their best. Yet, not every athlete goes home with a medal. Even so, every participatory effort signifies something and it’s the journey, and the hard work that goes in which counts the most, and not just the medal tally. This is an important reminder to teach kids that whatever happens, life is a long journey that doesn’t just rely on the end result. There are a lot more stepping stones- growing, learning, courage, determination and integrity which can teach lessons more valuable than the medals.

So, while you and your family cheer your favourite Olympians and root for your country, be sure that you are also teaching your child some essential life lessons to make the sporting event a lot more interesting!

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