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Recently, Celebrity Chef Pankaj Bhadouria shared an amazing way to ensure that the store-bought jaggery is adulterant free. Here are a few simple tips suggested by her to check the purity of jaggery. She shared a useful tip on her Instagram handle recently to ensure that the jaggery is adulterant free.

She expressed her views on the extraction process of jaggery and how there are chances that the jaggery you eat may have some amount of chemicals. She said: “To clean jaggery, soda and some chemicals are used. Ideally the colour of the jaggery should be dark brown. The white or yellowish colour in gur may indicate chemical treatment”

As per chef Bhadouria, there are several types of jaggery but when it comes to white or light brown jaggery, chances are that they might be adulterated with chemicals and artificial colours.

She further added that these jaggery cubes may include calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Calcium carbonate is added while processing jaggery to increase the weight, whereas sodium bicarbonate helps in giving the jaggery a nice polished look.

She suggested that one must always look for a dark brown or black coloured jaggery as it is mostly chemical-free. Dark coloured jaggery is usually organic and chemical-free, this is simply because when sugarcane juice is boiled it leaves a dark brown blend, which is used to make jaggery. The addition of chemicals to this blend makes the jaggery white in appearance.

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