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Within the vast abyss of countless relationships and love a woman has had in her life, she always tends to remember those who have left a lasting impression on her. Particularly, while shuffling in between life’s unpredictable chapters, a woman is believed to meet three types of men who leave the most quintessential experience in her life. These three men are the ones, least expected but fortunately the ones she will remember all her life. One, who she wishes to be with her in bed; second, who she wants to be with all the time; third, the one who fosters her memory.

The first type of man every woman wants is someone who can quench a woman’s thirst in bed, with passion and warmth. Every time her bed feels empty, that one man will always be ready to fill the gap and nurture her with all sexual desires and passion. A woman fantasises a man who can make her feel feminine and delicate, and not have to put up as a strong woman all the time. The bed during night time is her own sanctuary where she wants to feel safe and cared for, and not be the only one to lay down in the night. This man dominates the woman’s mind when feelings of arousal and desires cloud her mind. She misses him and wants him to be there with her all night, tending to her sensuality.

The second man is someone a woman wants to introduce to her family. She thinks of him during the day, wanting him to stay near. In such cases, a woman would want this man to be the supportive and loving partner she has always yearned for. Someone, she can proudly show off as her partner. His mere presence lightens her mood, and she loves herself when around him. This type of eccentricity is rare, especially if the woman thinks about a man. His words of encouragement mean a lot to her and a smile awakens her deepest part in the heart, that love will always be a step away with him. However, she always fears that this man will be too good to be true, and parting ways is the only plausible way for mending broken hearts.

Finally, the third man who occupies a woman’s mind is someone who she could never forget. He may have been out of her reach or someone who broke her heart, and now only resides in the premises of her mind. No shot of whisky or countless cigarettes can ever erase his memory from her mind. What is left are only the painful memories she still fosters, to have an ounce of happiness, reaming from her past. With every new experience, her mind wanders off to this man, whose taste permanently latches on to her lips, and so, every stranger she kisses, she is reminded of her time with him. She misses him dearly, that’s all. Her past is filled with his fragments that torture her to this day as she toasts a glass of alcohol for him.

Sometimes, these three types of men are different people, or can be just one man, donning all three experiences together. In such instances, a woman can only love this man all the more or tend to her broken heart, if he is to leave her.

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