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For toddlers and preschoolers, this was the time when they would have been meeting and interacting with their peers. This is the age when they should be learning about making friends and navigating relationships. But COVID has put everything upside down. Maybe we all parents of little ones can utilise this time to help them understand the concept of friendship – which is normally a very natural process for them. They smile, they cry, they fight, they snatch, they make up, they play… but experts feel that helping children understand the concept of ‘friendship’ early on can help in peer interactions and positive relationships.

Teaching SHARING

Help them understand how sharing is an important part of friendships. You enter a class or a play group, you will have to cooperate and play together or learn concepts together. So it is important to share smiles, toys as well as time! Teach them how fun and important it is to work together and explore life together. This will also help them share their feelings openly.

Teach them taking OWNERSHIP

Help your child understand how it feels to be with another child. Ask him/her how it felt to spend time with a specific child. Do not fix the issues they raise, immediately. Try and empower them. Suggest how they can respond and let them know you have their back. Allow them to get hurt, acknowledge and recover. But there are times you MUST intervene when your child’s friend is bullying him or showing signs of depression.

Help them with tools to be a GOOD FRIEND

We want our children to be surrounded by friends who bring out the best in them. But it is also important to see that it also brings out the best in your child’s friends. Do not talk negatively about the friend in the presence of your child. Reinforce good behavior, encourage them to cheer for their friend and celebrate his achievements. Encourage kindness and empathy, which is an important tool for your child’s development.

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