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This column has been written by Astrologer Pankaj Khanna.

You may be the one who gets the most attention or curiosity, but you are unaware of the source of this. It might be your style, your ability to start discussions, or even the vibe you exude when you enter a room. People want to listen to you more than you think, and you rapidly become the beneficent storyteller everyone loves to be around.

We all want to know these people who seem to effortlessly garner everyone’s attention, how they easily command a crowd or how easily they achieve the spotlight. What’s their code? Are these people naturally charismatic? Well, some are definitely born with such a flair, but others do definitely cultivate the skill with time. We feel “seen” or “visible” when we are intrigued. Being cultured, humble, kind, inclusive as a listener, and participatory can help you gain influence.

Here is the inside track of a few signs that are often known for being the centre of attention.

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