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You’ll notice that the times when you feel the least motivated to have sex with your partner is on the rise. There is a certain uneasiness every time you think of sex.

Most of us relate the lack of sexual desire to eminent sex problems. Upon knowing this, such individuals refrain from finding possible romantic partners because they think they won’t be able to provide them with sexual satisfaction. But what most of them do not know is that while it may not be a physical problem, some of them are rooted in emotional and psychological reasons that have had an impact on their sex life.

What causes lack of sexual desire?

To get answers for such an imminent lack of sexual desire, researchers have conducted analytical studies to prove that one’s surroundings play a huge part in arousing one’s desire. Experts suggest that one part of the brain processes our emotions, that includes our sexual responses as well. It pumps fear, aggression, love, sadness, despair, adoration and all sorts of emotions one feels. This part is particularly responsible for awakening your sexual desire, indirectly.

To feel aroused, one requires the perfect environment, where there’s likely to be less stress, more affection and subtle hints of high eroticism. An environment that dwells on stress and despair can be a huge blow on couples who are encouraged to have sex. Even if a person puts in the effort to whisper sexual sweet nothings in their partner’s ears, they will probably not want to do it. The current situation of the ongoing pandemic and the pressure of work-from-home contributes to the formation of a highly stressful environment, where sexual innuendos can’t even get someone to do it.

And so, maintaining a perfect surrounding is essential if you want to get it on with your partner. A little steamy action in between the sheets need a peaceful environment, where stress is long forlorn and there are some romantic candles placed on the side of the bed, or sweet, soft and seductive melody is being played. That’s when two partners would agree to forget their stressors and make love to each other.

Chronic stress and its effect on our sex lives

Another reason why most of us do not feel the desire to have sex is because ‘chronic stress’ restricts us from getting out of the stress cycle, which is something that we forever find ourselves in a loop. And so, when the stress hormones released in our body get built up continuously without any release, it makes us emotionally sick and slowly pulls us in a labyrinth of despair. Eventually, we start to resent sex and pleasure.

So, what can be the solution to all this? Less stress? But this is something most of us can’t let go, given our current situations. And so, experts suggest that one has to be very open to the idea of sex and initiate activities that can replenish your urge for sexual desire. Activities like Yoga, meditation, simple workout exercises gets the muscle working and your sexual urge enlightening. Further, if one differentiates the negatives and positives in their sexual experiences, it can help them understand better, what exactly they would like to indulge in. This narrows down your perspective on what arouses you and what doesn’t. If you try eliminating the negatives accordingly, you will find a much easier way to deal with the problem of lack of sexual desire. Every person has to work towards finding a middle ground in their sexual relationship where both partners can equally enjoy themselves.

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