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Skin care is an essential daily routine that people must follow but most of the people are baffled by how models have such a beautiful flawless skin. A healthy diet, getting enough sleep, staying fit and exercising – all these factors help an individual to gain a pristine and flawless skin. We got in touch with Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain, Dermatologist and Aesthetic Surgeon, Royal Lush Clinic to reveal the secrets behind perfect skin, and here’s what he had to say.

Keep a track of your diet

Most people assume that eating junk wouldn’t affect their skin but it is absolutely incorrect. Your diet plays a pivotal role in ensuring your overall skin and health. It helps improve your special concerns like healthy, acne free, blemishes, dark spots, ageing etc. Eat food which are rich in multi-vitamins proteins, zinc, Vitamins-C, Vitamin-A and Vitamin E.

Keep yourself hydrated

The most common condition because of which people suffer from a dry skin is dehydration. It is one of the biggest factors which can affect our skin. When the body gets dehydrated, the quench of thirst filches off the essential minerals and electrolytes which eventually make our skin and pale. Skin loses its moisture and beauty. So, make sure to hydrate yourself on a frequent basis. It helps to regulate body temperature and will boost our immune system, thus preventing us from falling ill during peak cold weather or in flu seasons.

Keep your skin moisturized

In the time of scorching heat and in the breeze of winters, it is necessary to lock your skin’s natural moisture. In winters, use facial moisturizers to maintain the moisture content on your skin and in summers apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful effects of UV rays. It will help you reduce spots, uneven skin tone and also diminish your signs of ageing.

Avoid bathing with hot water

Winter season can torment your skin as dry air and heaters lead to more dry and itchy skin. And bathing with hot water can over dry your skin and remove the essential natural oils from our body. Prefer bathing with lukewarm water and soak your skin with moisturiser soon after bathing.

Try home remedies

As the weather keeps on changing, the skin care should also change along with it especially in winters. In winters, the skin may feel stretched and leathery, especially for people who have a dry skin. But for such people home remedies can be very useful as use of honey, turmeric, milk wash, banana peel, aloe vera etc will smoothen your skin and will help you remove dark spots, ageing, blemishes from your skin. But before laying your hands over these, make sure to understand the proper way to use these home remedies. Do a small test patch before trying out anything new as few people tend to have sensitive skin which may result in itchiness, red spots etc. Therefore, it is advised to know your skin type and follow the instructions thoroughly to avoid such adverse effects on your skin.

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