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When a relationship turns toxic, it affects both people equally. Furthermore, the chronic emotional and mental stress of being surrounded by a toxic individual can take a toll on your mental health. You can find yourself feeling isolated, sad, stressed, not good enough, and worthless. These thoughts and emotions can lead to eating disorders and mental health disorders as well. Moreover, toxicity is not only restricted to only some physical or mental action. It is also reflected in the way people talk through messages. Here is a look at signs of toxic texting.

1. You follow certain rules while texting
Texting happens naturally in normal relationships. However, in a toxic one, texting your partner may feel like it is more of a game that requires a lot of strategies and calculations. Thus, if you feel that you need to think a lot and stick to certain rules while texting your partner, something’s not right. Messaging is about communication, not about playing mind games.

2. You feel pressured to respond immediately

No matter how busy or occupied you are, if your partner expects you to respond the very moment your phone beeps, you might be with a toxic person. You have a life of your own and it is not possible for you to stay glued to your phone all the time. If they expect you to reply immediately, they do not respect your time, career, and personal space.

3. They ignore you deliberately
It is natural for toxic partners to seek revenge by deliberately not replying to you because you couldn’t do so earlier. They might create fiction and drama by ignoring you and staying silent over the phone. If such behavior becomes a habit, you might have a toxic partner.

4. Your partner texts you constantly
It is a big red flag if your partner texts you constantly when you are busy and unable to respond. This can often lead to stress and anxiety. This can also lead to a lot of accumulation of anger and frustration in your partner, which is not healthy at all.

5. They gaslight you digitally
A toxic partner has the capability to manipulate your smartphone and other devices to have more control over you. They might delete certain names for the contact list, delete messages from your inbox and media from the gallery, or they may reply to texts from others pretending to be you. Worst of all, they will convince you that they haven’t done it.

6. They take over your device
A toxic partner might confiscate your phone by claiming that you are addicted to it. Although they may sound concerned, loving, or hurt, these are all strategies to control you and isolate you. All they want is to stop your communication with others.

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