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With the growing competition across various job sectors, people are looking to form strong teams to give better results. Such a team has a collaborative way of working with each person committed and functioning towards a shared goal. It is therefore a necessity that leaders facilitate and build the teamwork skills of their people if they are to steer a company toward success. However, post-pandemic times require a lot more than just teamwork to pave the way for victory. Thus, here is a look at questions bosses need to ask themselves to build an enduring team.

1. “Is this person raising the average?”
Bosses must ensure that the people they hire or those who are already a part of their team are above average in terms of knowledge, productivity, work commitment, etc. Evaluation criteria must be designed to analyze each employee’s skills. They must be measured on a performance scale ranging from 1-10. If someone scores a 7 or less, they are bound to create a culture of mediocrity. Furthermore, they are hard to fire because unlike those scoring way too little than them, they aren’t openly underperforming. You must know that it is impossible to build a high-performing and enduring team with people who lower the average. Thus, never shy away from giving your direct feedback to such people in order to improve the future of your company.

2. “Will I hire someone like this person again?”
This is a twofold question. The first question should be whether or not you would hire this person at a company ten times the size. Would you hire them if you started a new company tomorrow or not – this is the question that should follow the previous one. These questions can help you truly differentiate between those who are ‘good’, and those who are ‘great’. You may have an employee who everyone likes and adds to your culture, but might not be suitable for a fast-growing company you want to create.

3. “Is this person consistent in their work?”
Bosses must ask themselves questions like whether or not the person shows glimmers of greatness. And if they do, is it consistent or not? If they lack consistency, give them proper feedback and examples to help them understand what great work looks like. Also, it might be possible that there are many people in your team who are inconsistent. In such a case, it is your responsibility as a leader to build a stronger team. Thus, use performance reviews to understand your team better, and never shy away from asking the tough questions.

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