Pride Month 2021: Four queer couples narrate their incredible love stories | Eagles Vine

On discovering my sexual identity, I was all in to embrace it. I went on to date my partner, Sandi who I met through Facebook, and even started our own organization called ‘Mobbera Foundation for Queer Rights.’ We went to Pride Parades and discovered the beautiful world of acceptance and love. However, my parents had something else on their minds. They tried to take me to doctors for conversion therapies and shock treatments as they were homophobic. I was on the verge of losing my life while fighting for my rights. Having seen all that cruelty that went around, I opted out of my parent’s home and filed a petition against them. Now, I and Sandi live at our place with our cheerful dog, building a life with dreams full of love and acceptance for all. After all, how hard is it to accept someone for who they are and embrace their identity as an individual?”

—Anil Savitri & Sandi Kushary

Picture Credit: Instagram @minionofhumans

By: Samriddhi Bisht

The Times of India

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