Once seen on Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar, mullets are back – Eagles Vine

All the ’90s kids would have seen their favourite stars in Bollywood sporting this infamous hairstyle. Popularly known as mullet haircut, where the front used to be short and the back was long, ’90s kids dreaded this haircut for the sheer reason that it wasn’t considered fashionable even in those days. But the unexpected return of this hairstyle is here to tell us that fashion is not only cynical but also has the ability to make uncool things look cool again. The mullet haircut is back with a bang, and this time we are not only seeing it on men but also women. Celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish have been rocking this hairstyle in 2021.

Fashion influencers representing the Gen Zs and Millenials have also fallen for this questionable hairstyle and have been showing us cool ways to rock mullets on social media.

“The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is unisex and looks good on both genders. The sudden resurgence of mullet hairstyle in 2021 is because we have started following more fashion influencers than our celebrities when it comes to fashion. And a lot of these fashion influencers have been sporting this David Bowie-inspired haircut this season,” says grooming expert Yogita Adhikari.

Mullet haircut can be a tricky look to pull off. Therefore it is recommended that you consult your hairstylist before opting for this hairstyle because the person would be able to tell you what type of mullet will suit your face type.

“People with finer hair who wants to rock a mullet cut need a texturizing balm and volumizing powder to get a flattering look,” suggests stylist Vikram Seth.

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