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Trupti D’s father tested COVID positive and had to be admitted in a hospital. It was a painful time for her as she had never before seen her father give up. He is recovering from post COVID right now but the family is relieved and grateful…

Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my dad.

This is a story of my superhero who fought COVID-19. We have so much actually to learn from him, he is the one who came across many obstacles in life, raising four daughters alone, making us feel special like princesses, standing right beside us always to help, guide and support. On 21st October 2020, he tested positive and we all were very much worried, but Dr. Abhishek Pimpralekar advised to home quarantine. He was recovering but suddenly 7th day of his COVID, he started experiencing chills, severe bodyache, and too much of weakness. When I went to see him, he was not even able to sit and couldn’t lift himself; he was looking tired and restless. I couldn’t see him like this and immediately called Dr. Abhishek who was treating him. He advised us to admit him in the hospital. We never saw him like this. He was denying getting admitted in the hospital; the first day was so tough for him when I called him; he said these people are torturing me by giving me too many salines and injections in a day that too in the stomach, hands, which was actually the treatment for recovery.

Whenever I spoke to him, I could feel the pain he was going through, but we were truly blessed with Dr. Abhishek who was taking extreme care of him. The person who never gave up in his life, was giving up this time; he was depressed, tensed.. it was becoming extremely difficult to make him understand. Three days, he was in big shock. On the 4th day of his treatment, with Dr. Abhishek’s permission I could see him through the window, and I was in tears. He was showing his hands which were swollen, due to infinite injections and saline. But, I was very happy to see him standing, without the support and the day came when we got a call of his discharge. Our Superhero was back at home.

It will take time for him to recover but I really want to salute the person who made this possible, he is no less than God to us. Dr. Abhishek, who not only took care of my father but the entire family members by answering our calls, attending our every silly question with patience…The act of his kindness and responsibility deserves much more than appreciation… God Bless him!! It was difficult for my father but I think it was more difficult for Dr.Abhishek who is working tirelessly to ensure that all those who are infected are provided with proper care. His contributions and hard work deserve Gratitude!!

His act of kindness has thought us to never lose hope and stay strong.

**People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness, they still remain in his debt.”…so am I!!

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