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Amrita Saikia was planning her baby’s first Diwali, when a random test at her husband’s office showed a positive test. Soon she tested positive too and had to spend Diwali away from her baby in an isolated room. She realised through her COVID journey that the day you accept the COVID result and focus on recovery, that’s when your body fights it with all its might.

We don’t know how but the dreaded coronavirus entered our home. It was a random Rapid test organized at my husband’s office through which we got to know he was COVID positive. We had been taking extra precautions since the beginning, as my new born baby and my elderly mother with comorbidities are with us. But I guess it was destined to happen.

My husband had a mild throat pain and muscle pain before getting tested, but we never thought it could be COVID. Now with a positive report in hand, we arranged for isolation of my husband in our second bedroom. In the other one, I stayed with my mother and daughter. I was terrified will be an understatement. More so because me and my husband eat and drink from same utensils and I feared getting it from him. Next day itself I developed very mild throat pain. I started wearing a mask all day as I had to be near my mother and daughter. My worst fear came true when my report came out positive too. But with God’s grace, both my mother and daughter were negative.

Next two days were Diwali holidays. My daughter’s first Diwali and we had so much planning on, but COVID washed them away. I shifted to isolation with my husband. But I had to constantly come in contact with my baby, for feeding and many other things. So it was getting more difficult to religiously remain in isolation. We only thank God for keeping my baby and mother free from this. And also for keeping our symptoms very mild throughout. Had that random test not happened at office, we may not have even come to know and that would have been even more dangerous. I lost my sense of smell completely by end of first week, such that I could not even smell disinfectants.

As per Government guidelines we were advised by Doctors to stay in isolation for 17 days but we did repeat test which came out NEGATIVE. The happiness of being back with our daughter without masks on can’t be described in words here.

I had panicked a lot in the beginning as I was told initial 10 days are important, but then I settled when my husband always showed confidence. We took steam, did gargle, monitored SPO2 levels and temperature multiple times in a day. We ensured we didn’t take our utensils, water bottles and clothes outside the isolation bedroom. We changed masks and washed hands everytime we had to step in and out of the isolated room. For some household chores, we had to come out of isolation room, but we always maintained social distancing from my mother. We increased water intake as advised by the Doctor, took as much rest as possible, ordered dinner through a tiffin service to get some extra rest, and increased intake of Vitamin C.

Trust me, for us, recovery from COVID was easier, what was difficult was managing everything with the isolation. I sincerely thank God for helping us throughout and for giving strength to keep myself sane. It was a lot easier to handle once I had accepted being positive. Fear or panic definitely will not help. Acceptance and positivity are important to fight the war of CORONA.

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