Leo, Your September Horoscope Says To Go Ahead & Treat Yourself

Buy yourself something nice this month, Leo! After all, your Leo September 2021 horoscope begins with a glamorous and luxurious moment. On September 6, the new moon will pave your second house of money and possessions with gold, reminding you to acknowledge all the abundance you’re already blessed with. Set financial goals, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself to the beautiful things you desire!

You may be craving emotional security in your love life as of September 10. This is when Venus will light a fire in your cozy fourth house, tapping into your desire for a relationship that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Who knows? Your family might introduce you to a suitor you totally vibe with. You may even feel like moving in with your lover or starting a family of your own!

As Mars activates your chatty third house on September 14, you may feel more passionate about the process of learning and more engaged in intellectually-stimulating conversations. It may be time for a compassionate, yet direct political debate! However, be extra-thoughtful about the words you choose, because they may come across sharper than you intend, causing problems to arise.

On September 20, you may become more aware of what is supporting you and protecting you. As the full moon radiates throughout your intimate eighth house, you’ll become more aware of the resources you have at your disposal. However, you may also realize these resources come with strings attached! It’s up to you to decide where your boundaries should be placed.

When Libra season begins on September 22, the social energy will continue to surround you, helping you to make new friends and unleash your intelligence wherever you see fit! Your mind will feel both enthralled and challenged, especially around September 23. This is when Venus will oppose Uranus, evoking changes in your career that could completely blindside you. New opportunities are arriving when you least expect them, Leo!

The month comes to a close just as Mercury stations retrograde on September 27. This retrograde will create mischief in your third house of communication, leading to awkward emails, forgotten appointments and statements you wish you could take back. Think carefully before saying something you might regret later!

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