Lambda Variant | Coronavirus Explainer: All about the Lambda variant of coronavirus, identified in over 25 countries

The World Health Organization has recently declared the C.37 mutation of the SARS-COV-2 virus to be a new variant which could be a potential factor adding caseloads. The variant, known as Lambda, was first recognized on June 14, after being detected in over 25 countries worldwide. It was first observed in Peru, soon spreading across countries in South America and becoming a predominant strain there.

Of late, the Lambda variant has also been detected in parts of the UK and some European countries, which are also currently fighting outbreaks fueled by the Delta variant.

The Lambda variant has yet not been detected in any Indian state.

However, it should be known that while the Lambda variant isn’t entirely a new variant, it was first detected in August 2020, in Peru, where it accounts for over 805 of infection cases and later spread onto neighbouring countries, becoming a dominant variant. It was only in March 2021 that the variant began to pick up pace, and was identified in over 25 different countries amongst international travellers, in smaller numbers.

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