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While pregnancy is a beautiful journey spanning nine months, the often less-beautiful, unpleasant ‘side-effects’ of getting pregnant are sometimes, less talked about. From erratic mood swings, increased nausea, bloating, swelling, food aversions to a reduced sex drive- yes, something which is often not discussed, pregnancy can indeed be a journey full of ups and downs, and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan took to social media to talk about it.

Kareena, who has always openly talked about pregnancy, parenting and undoubtedly, one of the most vocal celeb parents in India candidly talked about having a low sex drive, and the many notions that surround sex during pregnancy. The actress, who welcomed her second child, who has been named Jehangir this year has recently penned her own book, titled, ‘Pregnancy Bible’, which draws on her learnings and experiences from two pregnancies. At the book launch held on Instagram with friend and fellow parent Karan Johar, Kareena talked about how her hormones and mood were entirely different both the times, while she was pregnant with Taimur and Jehangir.

“Pregnant women go through a lot of moods, low sex drive can happen”, quips Kareena

In her book, Kareena mentions going through a spiral of emotions and having reduced sex drive while expecting Jeh. Detailing the times she felt her gorgeous or uncomfortable with her belly, the mother of two said that it was Saif’s compliments which kept her pepped up:

“People just feel like… When you are pregnant, they don’t realise the kind of moods, emotions, feelings, what you actually feel about yourself. That’s so important. Some days, I would feel super amazing and sexy, and feel ‘oh my God, I am looking so hot with this belly’ and I feel amazing, and I would tell Saif that or he would say, ‘You are looking beautiful’,”

Starting from the first trimester to the ending months, it can be quite common for expecting women to experience a difference in their sex drives. Raging hormone levels, feeling heavy, stress, physical symptoms can all be factors that can reduce libido and impact sex drive. At different points during the pregnancy, the libido can also increase. Not only do many women lose interest in sex when they become pregnant, but it’s quite normal to experience.

The actress also talked about how we should open up and have a clear talk about how pregnancy can be tough on a woman’s body, and why there’s a need to normalize trivial symptoms and talk about these in the open…

How Saif Ali Khan supported Kareena through her pregnancies

While Kareena has often mentioned how Saif’s prior experiences with fatherhood helped her stay calm and easy when she was pregnant with Taimur, the actress also mentioned that Saif also helped her deal with the erratic mood swings the second time around. In the live, Kareena also discussed how at times she felt vulnerable and found the pregnancy ‘difficult’ to go through.

Sharing a message for parents-to-be, Kareena also added that pregnancy is a different chapter in a couple’s life, and there shouldn’t be any added pressure to do anything, look a certain way, or have the same sex life. Kareena also talked about how sex during pregnancy, while completely normal is so debated and hushed about.

Revealing her own example when she felt ‘repulsed’ during the last trimester, she detailed:

“…There were times post six-seven months where I felt like… Of course, I was exhausted and I couldn’t get myself to get up sometimes in the morning. But sometimes, it’s just a feeling of repulsion. You are just in a mental state when you don’t know what to think. It’s so important to have a supportive man and most men should not put pressure on their wives to look beautiful while they are pregnant and make them feel they are any less. That pressure shouldn’t be there or like ‘this is it, our regular sex life has to be super-active’”.

She also said that the expecting woman’s feelings and state of mind should be a priority at all times, stating that “it has to be according to what the woman feels and what she is feeling at that minute.”

It is indeed refreshing to see an actress like Kareena open up and talk about these undiscussed symptoms and experiences during pregnancy. Not only is it safe and normal to low or high sex drive during pregnancy, it’s super important that pregnant woman have the backing of a partner who understands and lends a supporting hand all through.

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