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There are stories that move you, and some that move the society to open up, break away from the shackles of regression and much more. Such is the story of Archie Singh, an Indian trans model who was rejected by modelling agencies for not being “a real woman” and is now all set to represent India in an international beauty pageant for transgenders. We spoke with Archie, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, and she shared with us her inspirational story, which is full of trials and tribulations.

From where it all began

For all those of you who don’t know who transgenders are, they are people who have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex that they were assigned at birth. And Archie is no different.

The 22-year-old belongs to a Delhi-based middle class family. “My family comprises two sisters, my mother and father, who were very supportive and accepted me the way I am,” says Archie.

The young achiever started doing shoots for some brands and that’s how she began getting multiple offers. And right now, Archie is India’s India’s first youngest trans woman model.

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Challenges on being recognised as a woman

The society may have progressed but the young model has to clarify her status as a woman. “I am a woman, and I’m trans but I’m equally a woman. My official government ID recognizes me as a woman, and I have had gender-reassignment surgery,” adds Archie.

Archie thinks that though there is great support from all fields for and after a sex reassignment surgery, but it is very important to bring some change in the society in the terms of awareness around transgenders.

Discrimination at work

Despite becoming a model after many struggles, the young lady has to weather biases at workplace. “Sometimes I feel there’s discrimination in the modelling industry towards trans people. When people see my pictures they select me and when I disclose my identity they say, sorry we need a female model,” claims Archie.

Archie feels this is wrong and people should know that transwomen are also females.

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Future plans
The young woman has great dreams in her eyes and is currently in Columbia, bracing for the Miss International Trans 2021. Her future plans include some community service initiatives. “After winning the pageant, I’ll do something for my community members who want to come out in front of their respective families and wish to achieve their dreams,” says the beauty queen.

Archie also feels it important to work towards ending this transphobia. “It’s time to bring about a change in the society. I just want want to change the way this society thinks and want to be role model so that people get to know the transwomen can also make the nation proud,” signs off the young lady.

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