How to Find and Secure Scholarships for College in 2022?

Most students look for academic scholarships to support their studies. In the academic year of 2020-2021, colleges in the United States offered scholarships valued at more than $140 billion. This represents a sharp increase from $55 billion a decade ago.

The above means there is a lot of competition among applicants. So, you need to start your preparations early on, do your due diligence, identify relevant opportunities, and get the ball rolling. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, which means you will need to convince the selection committee that you are the right and the best pick. Find below the steps you should take to make sure you get one.

Federal student aid

This is a necessary step no matter which college you are considering. All students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It gives applicants an opportunity to apply for federal grants, work-study, and loans. There is no application fee, and you get instant access to a large pool of financial aid resources.

Most colleges use your FAFSA data when evaluating your application and eligibility vis-a-vis their selection criteria. This includes many private aid providers as well.

College Board

College Board is known for its SAT and ACT books. But it also runs a scholarship search service that includes more than 6,000 programs, with a total of 4 billion scholarship dollars every year.

Applicants are able to filter their search by specifying demographic and academic pieces of data. You can also look for programs designed for specific interests. Other opportunities include programs for unique groups, such as Child of Divorced Parents, Employed Student, Accepted into an Ivy League School, Religious Group, and other programs.

One thing to remember is that your academic workload will be huge no matter which college you enroll in. This means that, at times, it might become too onerous to deal with. That’s why many students use the reliable and trustworthy services of essay mentor to complete their assignments on time and in compliance with specific tutor and college requirements.

Scholarship America

Scholarship America is a philanthropic entity that aims to help students raise funds to support their studies. To this end, it cooperates with sponsoring organizations and companies to set up and manage scholarship programs.

To date, more than $4.5 billion has been awarded in scholarships to 2.8 million students. It ranks among the top charities in the United States.


Since 2007, Unigo has awarded more than $610,000 in scholarships to students of all ages. The application process is easy and fun. By creating an account, you get access to a large database of scholarship opportunities and grants.

You can narrow down your search by indicating academic and demographic details. The range of scholarships is also quite broad. It includes athletic, college-specific, company-sponsored, minority, merit-based, and other types of scholarships.

When completing your scholarship application, make sure to include all the necessary details and information. You should avoid grammatical and spelling errors. If you feel your writing skills are not strong enough, make use of the writing tips from experienced professionals. They will help you complete a compelling application, increasing your chances of getting the needed funding support.

Final Remarks

There are quite a few scholarship opportunities available for college students. However, more choice means more competition. You need to be diligent, meticulous, and detail-oriented when preparing for and completing your application.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to get advice from professionals or fellow students. Be selective about which opportunities you go for not to spread yourself too thin.

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