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A sense of insecurity developed because of a flirty boyfriend is a significant loss of trust. It is disheartening and sometimes irritating. In this kind of scenario, you might feel like a fool but you just need to give this bitter experience a little time, and maybe when you give this a thought and time to understand his real intentions, things would fall in place. You would need a lot more patience to deal with this.

Don’t let your hopes shatter when you see him flirting with some other girl in your presence, stay calm and stay there. A cheeky boyfriend does not necessarily cheat on you. Save yourself from getting into the hot flow of anger and insecurities as thinking calmly and handling things maturely would prevent you from walking towards the ‘Exit door’ of your relationship. Wisely handling this kind of situation will eventually pave the way for peace and happiness in your relationship. Stay with two of your best buddies during tough times like these, patience, and some good advice.

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