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Gone are the days when moisturiser, toner, anti-ageing creams, scrubs were an essential part of women’s skincare regime. As the gender gap is reducing and male grooming has become a usual affair, modern men are also leaving no stone unturned to get their skin game on point. There is no denial of the fact that men’s skin goes through harsh weather conditions because mostly men love to ride bikes, exposing their skin to pollution and dirt. However, a little bit of skincare can ensure their skin radiates a natural glow as the festive season is round the corner.

Cleaning, moisturizing and protection from the sun are the three basic guidelines around which all skincare routines revolve. Hanisha Kapoor, COO,, shares some tips that men need to follow to look their best this festive season.

Following a cleansing routine

Men have rough skin as compared to women, with larger pores that become a magnet for all kinds of dirt and secretion of oil. As men’s facial skin experiences the everyday trauma of shaving, this makes their skin more vulnerable to irritation. In case of men, who have larger pores, cleansing becomes all the more important to avoid acne, breakouts and blemishes. Always wear a face covering helmet while riding a bike to minimize exposure to environmental debris. Always carry wet wipes in your pocket, and wipe your facial skin clean every few hours. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt in the facial pores.

Scrub twice a week

Using a facial granule scrub helps exfoliate the dead skin and cells from the skin’s top layer. This should be done at least twice every week. It will help prevent breakouts by removing impurities from facial pores. For best results, use a face mask after scrubbing, it will not only seal the moisture but protect skin from external aggressors by tightening the pores.

Moisturizing is must

Men often tend to believe that they do not need a moisturizer because they have oily skin. This is a myth. Every skin type needs a moisturizer daily to keep skin hydrated and prevent pre-mature ageing. The nature and base of the moisturizer may vary. Oily skin needs a water based light moisturizer. It should be applied diligently every time you wash your face. Excessively drying out oily skin sometimes results in a negative reaction; it may propel the oil glands to produce even more oil by giving the signal that the natural oil is being sapped away.

Wear a sunscreen

Exposure to sun’s UV radiation is the single biggest cause of skin ageing. UV radiation is a cause of premature aging and other skin damages. Sunscreen is therefore an important daily necessity. However, most ignorant men believe that sunscreen application is aimed at preventing skin darkening, which is a narrow view of the situation. Everyone of us, man or woman, fair or dark needs sunscreen application to prevent exposure to harmful UV radiation. A moisturizer should always be followed by a sunscreen with at least SPF 25. A liberal application which is repeated every 4-6 hours is recommended.

Give your beard an extra attention

Longer beard needs more attention and care. Even maintaining a well-kempt beard is a consistent effort. Wash your beard regularly because food crumbs and oil from the beard can make it dirty. There are many specific beard cleaning products in the market that provide better beard cleansing. After you have cleaned the beard, set it using a good beard gel.

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