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Winter is the best season of all for a lot of people out there. The cold weather makes you feel cozy and brings you in the mood of cuddles and hot chocolate. But this season also brings with it, dehydration for your skin as well as hair. And so, your skincare and hair care routine that works for all the other months needs to be switched to a different pattern during winters. We’re not just talking about dry and dull skin or frizzy and lifeless hair, we’re talking about the most common winter problem – chapped lips. Oh, how painful can they get! Having crusty lips is no fun and it also sets a bad impression on someone you’re meeting. Men and women, regardless of their gender, need to take good care of their lips, not just during the cold months but even otherwise.

Here’s how you deal with chapped and flaky lips all while being at the comfort of your home:

Oil/ghee: Nothing beats home remedies! Don’t you agree? Fancy off-the-counter products might have difficult ingredients for you to understand and even expensive. But you can use ghee without a worry. The fatty liquid is popular to keep the lips soft and supple throughout the entire day. Even oil works well to create a fatty layer over your chapped lips. It provides the dry areas with the much-needed moisture and hydration to bring your lips back to life.

Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is the easiest ingredient that you can invest in without thinking much. It’s affordable as well as very effective to keep your lips hydrated at all times. Petroleum jelly is known to lock in the moisture and for creating a protective layer that helps in keeping lips moisturised and protected against dryness at all times.

Honey: Honey is one of the best natural moisturisers of all times and most of you already know that. This sticky liquid is loaded with healing properties and it relieves your cold and cracked lips all too well. You can use honey three times a day as it effectively helps in keeping your lips soft and supple.

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