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COVID-19 vaccine might induce certain mild side effects in some people. While the number of people experiencing side effects are low, what should you do if you do feel some mild symptoms like fever or body ache after getting the vaccine?

We all reach out for our comfort food like a hot cup of tea or a bowl of soup when we feel under the weather. In this article, we will tell you the best thing to have after getting a COVID jab.

Chicken soup is one of the best foods you can have after getting the COVID vaccine shot. (Sorry vegetarians! Have a warm vegetable soup!)

Your body experiences inflammation post-vaccine

As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one may experience some adverse side effects of taking the COVID 19 vaccine.

As per experts, these side effects are a result of the inflammation that is happening within your body. Your body reacts to the spike protein and is working to fight off the stimulated infection. Fever, sore arms, body ache are some of the common symptoms when your immune system is fighting something.

Thus, it is recommended to eat immunity-boosting foods to support a speedy recovery. It is especially recommended to have foods that have high water content. The CDC recommends having plenty of water, as fluids are important for recovery after getting the COVID 19 vaccine. This means anti-inflammatory foods that can hydrate you can help immensely with recovery.

Soup, the anti-inflammatory hydrating food

If you are feeling under the weather after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, broth-based soup like chicken noodle, minestrone or simple bone broth soup is great for you. If your soup has other immune-boosting foods like kale, beans, lentils, potato, broccoli, it’s even better.

If you are a non-vegetarian and you have to pick a soup after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, chicken soup is your best bet. According to the CHEST Journal, the chicken soup actually does have beneficial medicinal impact and has a mild anti-inflammatory effect. While it’s unclear exactly which particular element is helpful, all the classic elements including chicken, carrots, celery, parsley, salt and pepper all help fight inflammation.

Bone broth has amino acids called glycine and arginine, which have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, if you don’t feel like eating anything, you can simply sip on a cup of bone broth.

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