Coronavirus vaccine: 5 things you can safely do after getting the COVID-19 vaccine | Eagles Vine

The list of activities you can do come off as happy news, especially if you are someone prone to high vulnerability. That being said, to get the maximum protection from your COVID vaccine, it’s pertinent right now that you get both shots of the vaccine, at the correct time.

Since immunity with the COVID shot right now is still questionable, it’s crucial you practice utmost precaution till a given time to make the vaccine work for you. Here’s what doctors want you to know about the same. (link to story)

Ensure that you do not miss out, or delay getting the second shot, which is crucial to safeguard you from the virus completely. Making sure that you get both doses of the same company is also crucial.

The ones who may have had COVID before may only require a single shot, which can be confirmed with the doctor. However, do make sure that you do practice certain precautions until 14 days after you get your shot-the time experts feel it takes for antibodies to fully develop. If you do indulge in risky activities, or ditch pandemic measures, such as mask-wearing, you place yourself at the high risk of still catching COVID.

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