Coronavirus vaccine: 3 new post-vaccination side effects listed by CDC – Eagles Vine

Globally, 283 million vaccine doses of coronavirus have been administered and around 60 million from the lot have received the full two-dose of the vaccine.

The two most common side effects after the COVID vaccine include pain at the sight of the injection and short term flu-like symptoms, which are visible mostly after the second dose. But the vaccine is successful in limiting hospitalisation among serious cases.

Earlier, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a list of six common side effects one might experience after getting the vaccine. These six symptoms included pain, swelling, fever, chills, headache and tiredness. Now the organisation has added three new side effects to the older list. These three new side effects include rashes, muscle pain and nausea. The CDC also warned against mistaking the pain at the injection site as indicative of muscle pain.

But these common side effects that go with time should not stop people from getting the vaccination. Getting the side effects after the vaccine, simply means that the vaccine is working and you are developing immunity. After the first vaccine dose, antibodies appear among recipients two weeks later and the complete protection kicks off two weeks after the second injection.

But if in case any side effect persists, you must consult your doctor about it, suggests CDC.

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