Coronavirus symptoms in voice: Hoarse voice and 4 other changes that can happen to your voice when you get COVID-19

As per the team of researchers behind the app, a hoarse voice is an unusual symptom of COVID-19, but it cannot be overlooked, as many of the clinical staffs in the United Kingdom have reported experiencing a hoarse voice following their illness onset.

While a hoarse voice is a primary change to your voice, it could vary from person to person. Some may find their voice becoming croaky and raspy, whereas others may have a more rough, quieter voice or a different voice pitch, as per the study.

According to the researchers, “We know that the COVID-19 virus affects the tissues in our respiratory system of which the voice box (larynx) is a part of.”

“This explains why some people get a hoarse voice during their infection,” they added.

They further clarified, “While it’s not a particularly strong predictor of COVID-19, if you have an unexplained hoarse voice we believe you should get a test just to be sure.”

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