Coronavirus | Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines : When can we expect Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines to arrive in India?

The recent change in guidelines by government authorities will now allow foreign vaccine manufacturers to be sold and used in India, which will be a great step in ramping up vaccination drives in India and allow the maximum population to be immunized against coronavirus.

Pfizer and Moderna, which are both leading the race with their innovative mRNA vaccine make, will now be allowed to enter the Indian market after officials scrapped the rule mandating domestic clinical testing of the vaccines, meaning that any foreign vaccinator which has been approved for use will be allowed to seek authorisation in India without undergoing further testing and evaluation. Following the revised vax policy, the central government and the companies are working closely to facilitate a sale in the earliest timelines possible.

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Amongst the two, Pfizer’s mRNA-123 vaccine, which is being commercially used in over 60 countries globally may be the first ones to arrive. Official reports suggest that the earliest doses may be made available for public use in India by the end of July 2021. However, as for Moderna, which has rolled out its first commercial vaccine at such a scale, the wait may be longer.

While Moderna has reportedly expressed interest in foreign sale and administration, there are no official confirmations that stipulate the timelines for the same.

Industry experts suggest that for Moderna, the wait could be till the end of 2021. Further reports are awaited to confirm the same.

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