Coronavirus: How long does long COVID last? Can vaccines help relieve symptoms? | Eagles Vine

Patients who get long COVID symptoms tend to experience chronic, lingering symptoms similar to the viral infection for different periods of time. While some start to see a resolution of their symptoms in a manner of weeks, some patients may continue to have difficult symptoms for as long as 8-9 months post recovery.

What exactly causes a distinction in the symptoms is unknown to medical experts. However, a lot of it may have to do with pre-existing conditions and risk factors that hamper COVID recovery.

Long COVID may also start to resolve, depending on the type of symptoms that a patient may have. It has been found that amongst those with long COVID, respiratory symptoms are the most common, including lingering cough, depleting blood oxygen levels and shortness of breath, which can last for over 2-3 months and require care and symptomatic treatment. Some symptoms, such as fatigue and weakness could last for even longer.

Apart from this, long COVID disorder could also trigger off a wide range of side effects and symptoms, which could impair or cause problems in the long run- including lung damage, sleep issues, memory issues, mental health disorders and frail immunity.

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