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Parents are often concerned when their children wet the bed. While it is a condition that outgrows with time, persistence of the same may be a cause for concern. In such a case, here are some ways parents can help their children and prevent them from wetting the bed.

– Ask your child to visit the toilet 15 minutes prior or right before their bedtime. Make sure they do not sleep with a full bladder, as it is likely to lead to bedwetting.

– Do not allow your child to drink caffeinated or sugary drinks before going to bed. This can cause your kid to urinate more often.

– Avoid punishing your child for their mistakes. It will only cause them more embarrassment and stress and lead them to further wet the bed in their sleep.

– Instead, keep a count of days when they don’t wet the bed and start a reward system to encourage them.

– In case your child frequently wets the bed, you can wake them up in between their sleep and ask them to visit the washroom.

When to seek expert help?

If the problem of bedwetting exists on a continuous basis and is prevalent during the day too, then you must seek medical help.

Also, if you notice that your child feels the urge to frequently visit the washroom, then visit a pediatrician to raise your concerns.

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