Cancer, Your November Horoscope Predicts A Surge Of Creativity

Have you been feeling uninspired lately? Has it felt difficult to enjoy the things you normally love? Fear not, because November could potentially be your most creative month of the entire year, and your Cancer November 2020 horoscope has all the details! The month begins with the sun in Scorpio, sending magic to your fifth house of fun and pleasure and reminding you to let go of your worries and play around. When mental Mercury joins the sun in your fifth house on November 10, you’ll start coming up with all sorts of whimsical ways to express yourself. Even if you’re not an artist, you’ll definitely feel like one this month.

However, you’re not just indulging in fun and games. You’re also aligning this creative spark with your career goals. Ambitious Mars is finally stationing direct after a long retrograde in your 10th house of social status on November 13, motivating you to climb all the way to the top and compete to be the best. Who says working hard to level up has to be a boring process?

When the New Moon in Scorpio takes place on November 15, it will ignite the beginning of a creative endeavor that combines your passion projects with your career interests. The sky is the limit, Cancer!

And that’s not all. Prepare to feel butterflies in your stomach, because your love life is glittering with so much potential this month. On November 21, flirtatious Venus will enter your passionate fifth house and inspire you tap into your inner romantic. Spend this month going on some adventurous dates, and don’t forget to buy yourself roses, just because. Don’t view dating as something stressful—instead, enjoy how fun and silly the whole process can truly be.

You’re such a psychic zodiac sign, Cancer, and November 30 is when you’ll realize just how psychic you truly are. A lunar eclipse will send lightning bolts of clarity to your 12th house of the subconscious, meaning that your dreams will be full of meaningful messages and your intuition will tell you exactly what you need to know. Don’t shy away from doing some inner work, Cancer. Who knows what you’ll discover!

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