Cancer, Your May Horoscope Predicts A Full-Blown Relationship

You’ve been enjoying the social and extraverted energy that Taurus season has brought out of you, Cancer! However, your Cancer May 2021 horoscope begins with you embracing a more quiet, contemplative energy when by May 8, both Mercury and Venus will have activated your spiritual 12th house. You may feel especially tied to your imagination and your inner world during this time, leaving you craving emotional and healing connections with others. Remember—relationships aren’t about being flashy; they’re about being authentic.

However, your social circle will definitely be on your mind when the new moon takes place on May 11. This will inspire you to network and introduce yourself to like-minded people who share your same vision. Together, you can bring something incredible to life. You may even find yourself traveling to faraway destinations once Jupiter enters your expansive ninth house on May 13. This will inspire you to engage in activities that open your mind and spread your awareness. An adventure awaits!

By May 17, you may find an acquaintanceship turning into a full-blown relationship. As the sun forms a trine with Pluto in your seventh house of partnerships, you feel ready to do away with superficial connections and replace them with something far more serious and heartfelt. And on May 19, the emotional connections you share will only intensify as Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your intimate eighth house. Sharing your heart and being vulnerable will only deepen your love!

As Gemini season begins on May 20, your spiritual and physical health and wellbeing will become your prime focus. In fact, when the lunar eclipse takes place on May 26, it will cause you to rethink your daily routine and the practical habits you live by. It may be time to strengthen your wellness programs, refine your work ethic and reassess your time management skills.

By the end of the month, you may be digging through the skeletons in your closet. On May 29, Mercury retrograde will spin through your introspective 12th house, which could leave you reliving past memories and tearing open old wounds. Let this show you what still needs healing.

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