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The coronavirus pandemic has increased awareness about staying fit and healthy. While everyone is trying their own ways to get physically active and eat healthy, here is something Ayurveda has to say about exercise.

Many people end up over exercising thinking that they will get added benefits. However, experts say that too much exercise can lead to pain and health complications. Thus, it’s absolutely important to understand why one must not over-exercise.

Ayurvedic expert, Dr Dixa Bhavsar took to Instagram to talk about Vayama (exercise), its importance and how much exercise is too much exercise.

What is Vyayama?

Activities that make your body tired are called Vyayama. The physical actions that enhance the strength of the body and increase the digestive fire (Dosha kshaya) when performed at a moderate capacity are called exercise.

Proper exercising leads to sweating, increased respiration rate and lightness in the body along with increased heart rate.

Harms of over-exercising

First things first, overexercising does not lead to any added benefit, in fact, it can backfire by leading to pain, injury and tiredness.

Over-exercising beyond the body’s capacity without taking a nutritious diet can lead to severe Vata aggravation, tissue loss and poor agni. Thus, exercising should surely be a part of your daily routine but in moderation.

Benefits of exercising

Exercising leads to body nourishment, lustre and improves body musculature. It improves digestion, increases body stability, makes you feel light, active and brings tolerance towards tiredness, thirst, hot and cold weather.

The biggest benefit of exercising is that it cures obesity, which if not taken care of can lead to bigger health issues later in life. Exercised and massaged bodies keep diseases at bay, just like a lion that keeps small animals away, says Dr Dixa.

People who exercise also digest heavy foods easily.

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