Aries, Your June Horoscope Is About Balancing Creativity & Career Moves

If you’re feeling disorganized this month, you can blame it on the stars. After all, your Aries June 2021 horoscope begins with Mercury retrograding through your third house of communication, making it hard to keep up with emails and even harder to have a normal conversation. However, it’s time to give yourself a break: On June 2, Venus will enter your cozy fourth house, encouraging you to prioritize your emotional needs above all else. Work on creating a love life that makes you feel more at home!

By June 5, you may find yourself dealing with some serious ups and downs in your career. As Mars opposes Pluto, you may feel challenged at work, but let it inspire you to focus even more intensely on your professional goals. Let your mistakes encourage you to work even harder! By June 10, a solar eclipse will blast through your busy third house, placing more emphasis on your ability to keep up with day-to-day responsibilities and finding the courage to express your thoughts with others.

You may find yourself craving opportunities that allow you be creative and artistic once Mars enters your fifth house self-expression on June 11. Remember that it’s possible to mix business with pleasure, because work can be fun! However, by June 14, you may feel torn between your desire to support yourself financially and your need to achieve your loftiest dreams. Saturn will square off with Uranus, encouraging you to take a courageous step towards your vision.

Once Cancer season begins on June 20, you may want to slow down and focus on nurturing your life with love, comfort and the feeling of belonging. In fact, by June 21, Venus will trine Neptune, tapping into your ability to connect with your spiritual needs. Set aside your potential to overthink and let your intuition tell you what you want out of a relationship. Once Mercury retrograde ends on June 22, you’ll have an easier time vocalizing and explaining your needs.

However, once the full moon rises in your 10th house of career on June 24, you’ll feel empowered by revelations about what direction your professional goals will take you in. End the month of June by believing in your ability to accomplish whatever you desire, Aries.

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