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Research shows that every time the world is in a collective turmoil, the one trend that emerges stronger than ever is `shine’. So, high gloss – gold, silver or copper that conveys a joie de vivre to combat the blues – is what will dominate personal or home accessories with a hint of the same popping up on ensembles too.

While the trend of organic and more natural fibers will continue for easy breezy silhouettes, the accessories will be predominantly in shine and not matte finish, suggests Archana Kumari Singh, Founder: House of Badnore. We got in touch with the fashion forward entrepreneur to elaborate on what are the accessories that are ruling 2021, and here’s what she had to say.

According to Archana, the motifs will continue the bias for nature inspired forms to carry forward last year’s inclination to celebrate the earth, the planet and all that it presents. “Floral prints, bold or soft, animals and birds will all be in preference as the romance turns reflective and towards nature. For men, scarves and pocket squares in silk, linen or gentle muslin with wildlife prints will continue to hold sway over geometrics,” she says.

Since the pandemic has re-oriented our focus towards all that is fragile and can fragment in a moment of reckless action, there will be more mindful sensitivity in choosing the forms and material. Purists will delight, as the emphasis will be on less fusions and more sustainable classics. More of that which is recyclable is the choice for home, hearth and self. Conscious living was never as highlighted as it is now. Real leather is not in the league of champions as vegan leather is the flavour of the moment. And for once the `mimic’ is the real thing!

Since gatherings continue to remain intimate, more romance in details with ruffles and relaxed, fluid forms will be seen. With reflections on all things past, the retro mood continues and elegance remains the buzzword in accessories with layered necklaces of pendants on delicate chains, in brass with high polish of gold or silver. Chains are of all lengths and everywhere – on the masks, on the wrist, circling the neck or kissing the décolleté. For men, buttons in many styles, subtle and chic with unusual shades of enamel, dress up the summer essential, the ubiquitous ‘kurta’ or the Nehru jacket. It is the one accessory that keeps its footprint in classic styling, over and over again.

“Emphasis on personalized accessories is quite the norm, once again delicately underlining the need to be seen and heard. And the home is the perfect playground for the play of signatures. Imprints of pets and pooches and initials and insignias mark the varied bric a bracs that are easily noticed and much of the conversation starters. The high trend of shine takes precedence on all homeware with shining pristine silver, gold or even copper, that sits confidently and not so quietly in its appointed niche,” suggests Archana.

And of course as WFH may still be the dictat intermittently through the year, while you put on your jammies, don’t forget to dress the shirt with a statement neckpiece, preferably black and preferably gold and the blue light glasses to protect your eyes – it’s the one accessory that you can’t do without this year, so choose right to make it haute. Or cool!

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