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Wedding day is one of the most important days in any woman’s life. A bride wants to be at her
best but then sometimes she feels nervous and at other times something is just not right. It can

be the weather which is either too hot or too humid or it can be something about the dress.

Amidst this stress, a bride also has to take care of her looks. As difficult as it is for a bride,

makeup artists do not have it any easier than her.

It is often as difficult for a makeup artist as it is for a bride to decide upon a bridal look and feel

confident about it all the way to the wedding. Yet there are certain things a makeup artist can

do to make it easier for both of them. Makeup artist Samaira Sandhu reveals her

guide on how to choose a bridal look.

First and foremost is talking to the client!

It is important to note that how a bride wants to look on her wedding day is not just about her

appearance, it is also about her personality and interests. This is why having conversations with

a bride and knowing her better is so important. As a makeup artist, one must also pay attention

to the kind of look she wants.

Not just her personality but also her style!

Makeup is as much about style as it is about personality. So a makeup artist should try and

develop an understanding of the kind of style the bride prefers to put on. Such information can

again be gathered through communication and observation.

Talk freely but listen carefully!

As a makeup artist, one is always in a position to throw in a lot of inputs about what the bridal

look should be and how it can be achieved. However, it is important that a bride gets to talk as

much. Makeup artists should learn about the looks that make her feel comfortable, how

experimental the bride is and how prepared she is for glam looks. Once a makeup artist knows

it all, a decision can be made about what the bridal look will be.

Meeting in the middle!

If the makeup artist and bride cannot agree upon the same look as the artist suggests glam

while she wants softer looks, attempts should be made to meet somewhere in the middle. Both

of them can always agree on a look that is somewhere between glam and soft!

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