15 Outdoor Date Ideas That Will Get You and Your Partner Off the Couch

Here’s the truth: Whether you’re freshly dating or have been attached at the hip for a few years, it can be so hard difficult to come up with a new fun date idea every now and then. That’s probably why I find myself streaming a new TV series with my partner over a shared pint of ice cream (or two), or sitting at the same crowded restaurant every time we have a real date night.

While I’m never gonna tell you that eating delicious food is a bad way to bond with your partner, I also totally understand the importance of changing things up every once in a while. Having new experiences together keeps even the most comfortable of relationships feeling fresh. Plus, the spring and summer months are the only time when spending a full day at the beach or in the park is actually possible. Unless, of course, you live in a place where it’s warm all the time—please know that I am very, very jealous if that is the case.

That’s why I have come up with some fun date ideas for ways to not only spend more time with your partner but also spend time in the great outdoors. Sunshine, nature and a new activity—what more could you ask for? Read on for a few fun outdoorsy date ideas to try out the next time you’re feeling bold, outdoorsy or just plain bored of the same-old, same-old. From planning an outdoor picnic to spending the evening under the stars, this list has something for every type of couple.

1. Take an Outdoor Workout Class Together

Working out can be fun, I promise! Outdoor classes are super popular during the warm weather months, so why not get your sweat on together? If you’re into something a little more low-key, try a partners-style yoga class.

2. Go Mini Golfing

Yes, this date idea is straight out of a romantic comedy, but so what? It’s a cute (and totally retro) way to get out of your house one night this weekend. Grab dinner beforehand and work on your put.

3. Go to a Drive-in Movie

Speaking of retro date night ideas, why not channel some major Grease energy and go to a drive-in movie? Tons of tiny theaters are offering it these days, so find one that is playing your favorite film and (literally) pull up.

4. Go Fruit Picking

There’s nothing better than baking with some freshly-picked produce. Regardless of what fruit is currently in season, rent a car with your partner and drive to your local orchard for the day. Don’t forget to post a pic of your baked goods after you get back.

5. Go to An Amusement Park

Even if it’s just your local carnival, spending the day riding rollercoasters and eating hot dogs seems like an ideal date night idea to me. My pro tip? Buy one of those line-skipping passes so you can hit all your favorite rides before the park closes.

6. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Shop now, cook later. Create a menu of all your favorite dishes before you leave the house, or just wing it as you go once you see what’s available—the fun part is just being able to spend the day together, right?

7. Have A Picnic at Your Local Park

If you’re sick of eating all of your meals at the same tiny table in your apartment, why not take your meal alfresco this summer? You can go all-out and buy fancy cheeses and wine to sip on in the sunshine.

8. Go Stargazing

If you live in a city where the stars aren’t always visible, take a trip out of town for a romantic evening spent under the night sky. You can pack dinner—or just a few of your favorite desserts—and enjoy some romantic quality time together.

9. Spend the Day at the Beach

If you live near a beach, why are you not taking full advantage of it? This date idea is cheap, easy and is always a winner in my books. Combine it with a sporty beachside hike or just lay out in the sunshine and call it a day.

10. Go on A Bike Ride

If you’re feeling adventurous, hit up a local mountain bike trail. Want to keep it more low-key? Just ride to dinner and back. If you live near a river or a park, take a long, leisurely ride in the summertime.

11. Go Kayaking

A little arm and abs strength and a life vest are all you need to master this date idea. You can share the kayak or get your own separate ones and have a race. Or knock into each other a few times. They’re basically bumper cars.

12. Drive Through a National Park

Obviously, if you want to get out and take a hike while you’re there, go for it. But driving through a national park with the windows down is still a pretty incredible way to spend a day.

13. Plant a Garden

Have you been meaning to have your own veggie patch for a while? Make time with your S.O. to get it done. Then plan a date to pick your harvest and make a quality meal out of the fruits of your labor.

14. Take a Walking Tour

See if your town has a guided or do-it-yourself walking tour. Learn the history of your city like you’ve never done before and maybe find a new place to grab dinner that you wouldn’t have visited otherwise. Yay for new shared experiences!

15. Visit the Zoo

Now you can see animals from all over the world with your favorite person. Plan out your perfect route so that you hit all your favorite exhibits in one day—and don’t forget to snap a few pics along the way.

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