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10 Hidden Messages In Logos You Probably Didn’t Notice

1. Continental


We’ll start this one off with a pretty straight-forward example. People into cars and trucks will know that Continental is a German automotive company best-known for their tires. But what about people who aren’t into cars? They would look at this logo and have no clue what Continental was. An airline? a type of breakfast? Well, the designers have added a hidden image in this logo to help you remember. Look at the ‘CO’ in this logo long enough and you’ll see it’s actually a 3D whitewall tire.

2. Tostitos


We’ve all seen these products in the grocery store. Maybe you even grabbed a bag of their tortilla chips in preparation for the big game on the weekend. But have you ever really noticed what’s hidden in the logo? Look at the TS and the I. It’s actually two people dipping a chip into a bowl of salsa. That’s definitely one of those things that once you see it you can never un-see it. Anyone else suddenly have the urge for nachos? No? Ok, let’s proceed.

3. FedEx


It’s one of the most recognizable logos around thanks to its purple and orange coloring and the fact that it’s on the side of delivery trucks all over the world. Yet, there’s a little hidden tidbit in this logo that you may not have ever noticed. Don’t just read the FedEx logo, but stop and look at it. Do you see it yet? How about if you focus on the space between the E and the X. Yep, there it is, an arrow. It is cleverly inserted and functions as a positive modifier for the emblem since the arrow is pointing forward – to the long run.

4. Gillette


For years this company was known by its catch-phrase – the best a man can get. When they’re trying to stuff 12 blades on a single razor, Gillette are letting their logo subtly remind you of what they offer. What do we mean? Well, take a closer look and see if anything stands out. If you noticed the angled ‘CUT’ in the first two letters, then good for you. The sharp angle added makes it look like the letters were sliced with a razor – the very same thing Gillette sells.

5. Amazon


Like Google, Amazon is taking over the world. Yet, we don’t seem to care because it’s just so convenient and easy to use. Sure, Amazon’s marketing and business strategies have a lot to do with their success but we also think their logo has played a bit of subliminal role here. Just look at it. Yes, there’s the smile underneath the company name. That is meant to tell you how happy customers are who use this. But have you noticed the “Smile” is connecting two letters – literally from A to Z. It’s a subtle way of telling you that Amazon has you covered for pretty much anything you could possibly need.

6. Eighty20


This South African company is all about providing strategy, research and analytical services to potential clients. Oh yes, and its logo will also give computer geeks a chuckle. To anyone else, Eighty20’S logo just looks like some squares with the company’s name underneath. To those in the know, those squares are a binary sequence for 1010000 00 10 100. What’s that mean? Well, it’s binary for 80 and 20. Yup, nerdy but very original.

7. Toblerone


If you love chocolate, then you’ve likely had more than a few Toblerone bars in your life. You probably know that it’s well-known for its distinct packaging and pyramid shaped chocolate. Yet, there’s a hidden message on the package and if you look closely you just might see it. Try looking at the mountain. Yep, there it is – a bear. So what’s significant about this? Well, the mountain denotes Switzerland – the land of Toblerone. The bear is meant to signify Bern, the Swiss city where Toblerone was first created and whose coat of arms even sports a bear of its own.

8. Unilever


This European based company makes a lot of products and odds are you have used a few in your house. Dove soap, Lipton soups, Tresemme shampoo – Unilever makes it all. Yet, their logo seems pretty simplistic. It’s like a giant Blue U, right? Look closer. You’ll see that U is made up of all sorts of smaller images. Unilever has done this on purpose and each symbol is meant to show a type of product or corporate value associated with the company.

9. Vaio


They make tablets, laptops and desktop computers. However, have you ever really looked at the company’s logo and considered it more deeply. Probably not. After all, it’s just some meaningless fancy design meant to make it stand out, right? Wrong. The VAIO logo is another of those designs that computer geeks will get before most other people. Did you know it actually symbolize the coming together of audio and video technologies into mainstreaming computing product? Yep. The VA is actually an analog wave and IO, well, that a 1 and a 0 used in binary code.

10. Facebook Places

Facebook Places

Facebook places is a location tool that allows you, your friends and the government to know where everyone is at all times. Ok, in all seriousness, it’s mainly meant for smartphone users who want to update their status and info on Facebook so they can stay in touch with friends better. Facebook took a bit of a flak for this because it was pretty much a copy of what Foursquare had already been offering. Worse yet, as if to add insult to injury, Facebook’s logo was a purple location marker stuck in a square map where the roads took the shape of A 4. That’s not very nice.

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