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Nowadays Facebook is a part of our daily life. We use Facebook on many purposes, some of us use Facebook as a regular living updater to share with friends what’s going on our daily lives. Sometimes we share many funny things on Facebook, today we share some Funny Facebook Status.

#1. Earthquake Vibration

Facebook User — Says, “First Time Felt Earthquake Vibration… It’s Terrifying Yar…” and Someone Comment on His Status “Kaha Earthquake…?”

#2. The Voice

Facebook User — Says, “Farted on the bus today and 4 people turned around. Felt like I was on The Voice”.

#3. A to Z

Facebook User – Says, “My D**K is so big it goes from A to Z.” And Someone Replied a Funny Comment “Look at your Keyboard…”.

#4. First LOL

Facebook User — Says, “Just got honked, smiled and waived at by 2 Indian men…dots and all…haha that is definitely a First LOL”.

#5. Why Use Google?

Facebook User – Says, “Why Use Google, When Jesus has all the Answer?”.

#6. People Hating

Facebook User – Says, “Why are people hating on me so much what did ever do them run up. …”

#7. Sun was a Star

Facebook User – Says, “My teacher is so dumb. He Thought the Sun was a Star”.

#8. Update Via Calculator

Facebook User – Says, “Facebook Status Update Via Calculator.” And Someone Replied “Updating Facebook Status via Refrigerator.”

#9. Computer full of Dust

Facebook User – Says, “God dam my Computer is soo full of dust.” And you see those funny Comments.

#10. Verb

Facebook User – Says, “Like for the first verb that comes into my head when I think of you.” And have a look the Comment Section You will amaze.

#11. Dumbest Elevator

Facebook User – Says, “Saw the dumbest elevator today, it had a button for the floor I was already on…?”.

#12. Goodbye America

Facebook User – Says, “Goodbye America, Hello New York!”. And someone replied “New York in America.”

#13. Gas Price

Facebook User – Says, “Wishing my GPA looked like those Gas Price.”

#14. Your Name is Google

Facebook User – Says, “Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything.” Share with your Friend who knows everything!

#15. You Drink – The Drink

Facebook User – Says, “Don’t let The drink, drink you. You drink the drink!”. Most Funny Facebook Status I Have Ever Seen. And Definitely look those Comments.

#16. Falling Off

Facebook Use – Says, “I Walk around like everything is good. But deep down, in-side my shoe, my sock is falling off”.

#17. You Trust Internet?

Facebook User – Says, “I’m not saying not to trust internet, but there’s an alarming discrepancy between the number of iPads I’ve won & the number of iPads I own.”

#18. Question & Answer

Facebook User – Says, “I always Knew I had the Answer… but I never understood the Question”. If you have this kind of Friend share with him.

#19. Good Boyfriend

Facebook User – Says, “Watching a movie with the boyfriend tonight, can anyone recommend a good Boyfriend?”.

#20. Eyes

Facebook User – Says, “Our eyes are placed in front because it’s more important to look ahead than to look back.” And someone replied, “Tell that to Abraham Lincoln.”

#21. Fix Carbs

Facebook User – Says, “Is there a way to fix carbs without medical attention.” And have a look those Comments.

#22. Connect Wi-Fi

Facebook User – Says, “Locked out of the house thanks god I can still connect to the Wi-Fi.”

#23. Trapped on Escalator

Facebook User – Says, “Was just trapped on the escalator for hours… power went out”. And look those replay.

#24. Life is a Game

Facebook User – “Says, Life is a Game, and by the looks of your face… your loosing”.

#25. Ask

Facebook User – Says, “Don’t even ask…”. And Definitely look those comments.

#26. Selfies

Facebook User – Says, “Looking at your selfies.”

#27. Today

Facebook User – Says, “Done nothing today…”.

#28. Hate Boss

Facebook User – Says, “I hate my Boss.” And his Boss replied on his status.

#29. 300 Times

Facebook User – Says, “If you’re gonna post something tomoro for Christmas, be real. Doesn’t anyone want to read “Merry Christmas FB Three Hundred times”? Surprising someone did this.

#30. Is Titanic Fake?

Facebook User – Says, “I think Titanic is fake because, how do they record it when they are like all dieing in water?”.

Hope you will enjoy those Funny Facebook Status. Have a Good day Viners. And Follow our Social Profile to connect with us.

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