Famous YouTubers Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

Which came first? The cartoon or the YouTuber? Since we were young, a part of us Always wanted to be a cartoon character. But what happens if fiction is more real than truth? We’ll let you be the judge as we talk about some famous YouTubers who look precisely like cartoon characters!

Steven Jay Williams

Steven Jay Williams is mainly known as his alias, “Boogie2988”, and has over 4.5 million Subscribers on YouTube. Along with Vlogging and gaming, he also lets people get a glimpse of his personal life, like his weight loss struggles and comedy sketches. When you look at Steven, doesn’t he remind you of a particular cartoon character named Peter Griffin? He even has a gorgeous wife with reddish hair just like Lois. Is this real life or fantasy? Oh the parallels! of course, when you hear Steven talk, he doesn’t even remotely sound like Peter. Plus, he’s a lot more intelligent. So this resemblance is purely aesthetic. If you take away the beard, Steven could almost say that Seth MacFarlane and Fox took inspiration from his appearance when creating Peter!

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles has taken YouTube by storm for not only being gorgeous but also hilarious and smart. She also posts exciting content and has managed to get thousands of people to fall in love with her. Her style is always looking flawless, but is there something about her that seems a bit familiar to you? If you look at her eyes and blonde hair and compare them to Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”, there’s a bit of a resemblance there! Especially if Jenna is wearing blue, which makes her blue eyes pop out and her hair all the blonder. Maybe she can lend her voice and looks to the upcoming Frozen Sequel! We still love you Idina! We’re just kidding.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul have made the most out of YouTube. These guys are making millions from their pranks, comedy sketches, and other shenanigans. Since we mentioned Frozen, while some people think Logan looks like Kristoff, we found a much more uncanny resemblance that we’ll reveal later in this Article. Don’t worry; we’ll “Let it Go” soon. But that doesn’t mean that Logan is off the hook when it comes to cartoon character look-alikes. Remember “The Incredibles”? Let’s take a look at Mr. Incredible. Yeah, these two guys even have the same nose. It makes you wonder what Logan is up to at night and if he’s not moonlighting as a superhero. Also depending on what kind of facial expression Logan has, you could also say that he looks like the villain Kronos! Maybe he has an internal battle within him!

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is one of the loveliest YouTuber around with over 14 Million Subscribers. She’s not only Vlogging, but she’s also a published author who’s making a difference around the world as a UNICEF Ambassador. She wants to be a positive influence, and you know who else she reminds us of? Princess Jasmine. Lilly even has the long flowing hair just like the princess of Agrabah, and they share similar facial features. Now we have to wonder why Lilly wasn’t cast as Princess Jasmine for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved Disney Movie! Not only do these two share similar Appearances, but they are both wanting more out of life and are thinking just the best for their followers and loved ones.

Lance Stewart

Okay, so Lance Stewart acknowledges his cartoon look alike and embraces it with open Arms. With over 5.1 Million Subscribers, Lance is undoubtedly entertaining with his daily videos and has gathered himself quite a loyal following. His cartoon counterpart isn’t quite as famous, especially with his fellow characters. Doesn’t Lance look a lot like Randall from “Recess”? If you were to make Randall a real person, that would be Lance. Between the eyes, mouth, and hair, it looks like Randall might have had some hope growing up into a handsome young man when he wasn’t taking notes and gossiping on the Recess Gang.


With over 23 Million Subscribers, Yuya is a beauty blogger from Mexico, and she is probably one of the most beautiful ladies on YouTube. Do you know who else is one of those lovely people in the world? Belle. Just as Belle was envied and desired by people all over her village, Yuya is one of the most popular Beauty authorities in the world. But with both of these ladies, there is more to them than just Beauty. Just as these two ladies look alike, they’re both brilliant and have a lot to offer. Yuya and Belle both have similar Eyes and Noses that would make Yuya a good candidate for the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie if they wanted to go for a near-exact look Alike!

Nash Grier

He currently has less than 100 videos on YouTube, and yet he has over 4.6 Million Subscribers! Nash Grier is making movies, posting behind the scene looks, and also doing some weird Shenanigans. Since he does have a pretty good following on nearly all realms of social media, it didn’t take people long to see that the Bears a striking resemblance to a specific Disney Prince that fell in love with a Mermaid. That’s right, Nash and Prince Erik look like they could be Twins. But we know that Erik came first. Maybe the genetic code from Nash’s parents conspired to create a prince Erik look Alike! They both have the same Blue Eyes, Hair, and Nose. Maybe Nash is secretly falling for a singing mermaid as well. That would seal the deal in look Alikes.

Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour is known for her controversial rants on YouTube and Social Media. She made Quite a splash with her video, “Dear Fat People”, and she managed to split her audience on a near-even 50/50 when it comes to issues she rants on. Love her or hate her, there is one cartoon character that she reminds us of. Remember the Evil Queen from Snow White? If you take away Nicole’s hair and dress her up as the Evil Queen, her facial structure and makeup are remarkably similar. In a Non-Disney context, Nicole also looks like a human version of Francine Smith from “American Dad” with similar hair, lips, and eyes. See? She can look both evil and cute! What do you think of these YouTubers and their cartoon look alike so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments. In the meantime, Here’s a Quiz for you! Who is the real person who inspired the classic cartoon character, Betty Boop? Find out at the end of the Article for the Answer. Now? Back to Business!

Cole Labrant

Remember when we said earlier that we had a better match for Kristoff’s, YouTube look alike? That would be Cola Labrant. Seriously, look at this side by side. You could swear that they were the same person or that Cole sat in for the Animators. Plus, Cole is very aware of his Kristoff looks and is dressed up a few times to pose for a picture for Side-by-Side Comparisons. Not to mention, Cole is also in a Disney Fairytale Romance of his own with Savannah Soutas. The pair also has over 8.4 Million Subscribers on their YouTube page, and Cole continues to get “Hey do you know you look exactly like Kristoff?” We wonder if that will get old Eventually!


With nearly 12 million YouTube Subscribers, Zoella is pretty much one of the most popular YouTubers on the Streaming site, and she continues to gather a following as she puts out new Videos. Even if you don’t agree with some of our other comparisons, you can’t deny that Zoella and Jane from “Tarzan” are nearly Identical! From their large eyes to their adorable little button nose and gorgeous brown hair plus both being English, this comparison is just not fair. Why? Well, not all of us look like Disney characters or even some of the most extreme cartoon characters. Zoella hit the cartoon look-alike Jackpot. The only difference these two women share is that Alfie Deyes is not a dead ringer for Tarzan.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a well-known LGBTQ YouTube Star who has been working hard to shed light on injustices around the world as an Activist. His hair and glasses are part of what make him Recognizable. But some people couldn’t help but see a similarity between Tyler and Lewis from “Meet the Robinsons.” they both have the same hair, similar glasses, and their facial structures are remarkably similar as well. It almost looks like we’re looking back in time and seeing Tyler as a kid! Luckily, we can see what adult Lois seems like in the movie, and Yep, those two still look the Same.

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is a popular YouTube Personality who sings, Vlogs, Models, and so much more. She’s a lady who wears many hats, and her millions of followers can’t get enough of her. When Trisha tweeted a Side-by-Side comparison of herself in Charlotte La Bouff from “Princess and the Frog”, People just about had a Heyday. When you compare the two ladies, they both have blonde hair, similar eyes, pouting lips, and talk with attitude. Trisha is more than okay with her cartoon look alike, and it just seems so right. She and Lottie are both flashy and dramatic and have the same amount of sass. Maybe Trisha took some inspiration from her animated counterpart?


JeromeASF has over 5 Million Subscribers on YouTube, and you’ll find him playing video games like Minecraft. When you look at him, he seems pretty regular. But, if they were to make a live-action adaptation of the cartoon, “Doug”, don’t you think he could play the title character? It’s not just because he has a big nose. Yeah, that’s part of it, but sure Rome looks like a real-life Doug between his eyes, hair, and fashion style. We have to wonder though; if your looks so much like Doug, does he have counterparts that look like Skeeter and Patti mayonnaise? Also, if you have the Doug theme now stuck in your head, you are Welcome!


There’s no doubt that PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world. His faces nearly as recognisable as some of the most World-Renowned Celebrities and he’s also rolling in money. Can you imagine making your fortune from gaming and just loud noises? Of course, it’s more than that, but that’s the gist of His Channel. Let’s take a good look at PewDiePie. Who does he remind you of? Let’s put him next to a large dog that talks with all of his words starting with the letter R. Yep, we think he looks like Shaggy! They both have the same hair, nose, and even facial hair!

Sean William McLoughlin

Better known on YouTube as “jacksepticeye”, Sean William McLaughlin has over 21 Million Subscribers on his Channel, which mainly consists of video game commentary. Between his green hair and loud voice, the iris gamer looks a lot like Cosmo from Nickelodeon’s “Fairly Odd Parents.” He also seems to always have a smile on his face just like Cosmo and still getting to some sort of trouble online or in real life-but all in a comedic way. If he’s Cosmo, then where’s his Wanda? People often pair Shawn with YouTuber mark Edward Fischbach, also known as Markiplier, who has his hair dyed in some red or pink.

Ian Carter

Ian Carter is the star of the YouTube channel, iDubbbzTV. With over 7.2 Million Subscribers on YouTube, Ian is always posting random videos with bad unboxings, comedy sketches, and a plethora of other random, off-the-wall things. His “About” section for his channel is a copy and paste of the bio for Arby’s. Yes, the Restaurant. He usually wears glasses and has a strong brow line. Do you know who else has those features? Dexter from Cartoon Network’s “Dexter’s Laboratory.” All Ian needs now is a laboratory and an annoying sister who keeps messing with his stuff! Who is the real person who inspired the classic cartoon character, Betty Boop? That would be Esther Jones, who was also known as baby Esther. If you think Helen Caine was the inspiration, listen to baby Esther sing and then get back to us! Kane admitted that she was “inspired” by baby Esther for her work. Thanks for Staying with us, which cartoon look-alike is your favourite tell us in the comments because we love hearing from you!

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