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Ananya Panday is a gym regular and she never misses her fitness sessions. She was regularly papped attending yoga classes at the celebrity-wellness coach, Anshuka Parwani’s studio, Anshuka Yoga in Mumbai, when lockdown norms were eased. While she has now moved her classes online, on the occasion of World Health Day, Ananya’s yoga instructor, Anshuka Parwani exclusively revealed secrets behind her fitness, yoga routine, diet, and more. Excerpts:

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What is that one health concern that Ananya likes to focus on?
There’s not really a concern but overall well-being and just feeling happy.

What is her favourite fitness routine?
Right now her favourite routine is definitely yoga! She loves doing inversions. Her routine consists of a mix of mat yoga, focusing on flexibility, strength, and mobility with a combination of flyfit which is aerial yoga that really helps with core strength. She also does a mixture of functional workouts as well.

Can you tell us something about her diet?
She eats everything that can be included in a well-balanced meal with one cheat day on the weekend.

Now that the classes have shifted back to online, how are you managing her workouts?
Honestly, this is just round two of the online classes. The good part is we already have a system in place as we had done this last year. So, it is definitely an easy transition, from in-person classes to online classes. The way I am managing is to make sure that everything is consistent and obedient as zoom classes tend to get boring. I try to keep it motivational and fun for her.

Do you have any fitness tips for fans?
For fitness tips, I would say just workout. Hard work pays off, just be consistent.


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