Who went home on ‘The Bachelor’? See who’s been eliminated so far

Matt James is breaking hearts.

Although the first black leading man in the show’s history only just started his tenure as “The Bachelor,” he’s taking after Tayshia Adams and getting down to business.

A whopping 32 women quarantined for weeks and underwent several COVID-19 tests to try to win the 29-year-old’s heart at the Nemacolin resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

While there were some real catches — including Chris Harrison favorite Abigail Heringer — some of the ladies just weren’t the right fit for James.

On the first night, he sent eight women home, leaving 24 dates going into Week 2: Abigail, Alana, Anna, Bri, Chelsea, Illeana, Jessenia, Kaili, Katie, Khaylah, Kit, Kristin, Lauren, Magi, Mari, Marylynn, MJ, Pieper, Rachael, Sarah, Serena C., Serena P., Sydney and Victoria.

Here’s who didn’t get a rose.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.


Alicia from "The Bachelor."

Alicia is a ballerina from NYC. She used her fancy feet to impress Matt when she got out of the limo, but the performance wasn’t enough to win over his heart.


Emani from "The Bachelor."

With 32 women fighting for his attention, it was hard for Emani to make an impression.


Senah from "The Bachelor."

This IT consultant couldn’t code her way into Matt’s heart.


Amber from "The Bachelor."

At 30, Amber was one of the oldest ladies in the cast. But she struggled to make time with Matt, and got harangued by Victoria for not forcing a conversation with him. She was sent home.


Corrinne from "The Bachelor."

This marketing manager wasn’t “the one” for Matt.


Carolyn from "The Bachelor."

Though she works as a journalist, Carolyn couldn’t fit into Matt’s story.


Cassandra from "The Bachelor."

Casandra won’t be continuing on Matt’s journey.


Kimberly from "The Bachelor."

Kimberly was another lady who sadly wasn’t the right fit for Matt.


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