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After a year of social distancing and theatre shutdowns, cine-goers are looking forward to returning to the place they love the most to catch the latest Bollywood releases. March has several promising films lined up, of which Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif’s ‘Time To Dance’ is one of the first ones to open.

The dance film will mark Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle’s debut and will be Sooraj’s third release after ‘Hero’ and ‘Satellite Shankar’. It will showcase Latin dance forms, which have apparently never been seen before in a Bollywood film.

In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, the protagonists of the film, Sooraj and Isabelle opened up about their love for dance, how their film is different from other mainstream dance films that we have seen over the years, and a Salman and Katrina Kaif film they would like to be a part of, and more. Excerpts:

In conversation with Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif

How excited are you for ‘Time To Dance’?

Isabelle: I am excited for ‘Time To Dance’; waiting to see the dance.

Sooraj: The film is coming out finally, although not at the best time. However, people will get to see a cute romantic film after a long time.

How different is ‘Time To Dance’ from other dance films?

Isabelle: I have seen most of the dance films and all I can say is that it is not just a hip hop, or Bollywood style, or a group against group dance that we saw in ‘ABCD’; it’s a different style. The audience will see these different dance forms and I am sure they will find it interesting. Maybe it will also inspire kids to learn the dance.

Sooraj: It’s not a group dance film, it’s a partner dance film. In ‘Time To Dance’, Isabelle and me are competing against the other couple. So, that’s how it’s different. Also, the style of dance film.

Tell us about your characters…

My character Isha is fulfilling her mom’s dream to have a dance academy that teaches Indian kids ballroom dancing. She is taking forward her mom’s legacy, and how, in this journey, she battles and overcomes the challenges that come in her way.

Sooraj: I play Rishab, a waiter at a very posh lounge, where all the elite dancers perform. He is a closet dancer and not everyone knows he can dance. He has a huge crush on Isha, but at the same time, he feels that she too good for him until Isha meets Rishab. Then what follows is, you know…

Did you both train in dance before getting started on the film?

Isabelle: We did a workshop for three-and-a-half months before shooting. We only knew the usual hip hop and freestyle dance forms, Bollywood style dance. Thankfully, they did let us train at that time, which helped us perform.

Sooraj: Before shooting, we trained for four months; we were rehearsing in between the shots as well. We also rehearsed in London with world champions. This film needed that much hard work; it’s not easy. There is a lot of partner work. In Latin dancing, there are ten forms, and we danced on all ten.

What was Salman Khan’s advice to you personally and professionally?

Isabelle: We didn’t really talk anything about the film, so he hasn’t given any advice as such.

Sooraj: Nothing.

What was sister Katrina Kaif’s advice to you?

Even if you forget a step, it doesn’t matter; just smile.

Was acting your first choice?

Isabelle: I wanted to be a dancer and had worked as a background dancer. I came into acting through Bollywood. My bigger love has now become second.

Sooraj: Yes, acting has always been my first choice.

A film of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif that you would like to be part of?

‘Ek Tha Tiger’ because the action is fabulous. I would like to do an action film.

I had worked with Katrina on ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ as an assistant director.

‘Time To Dance’ is all set to release on March 12, 2021.


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