Twitter rips apart new CBS competition series ‘The Activist’

A reality show starring celebrities? Now, where have we heard that before?

CBS’s newest competition reality series, “The Activist,” is already getting a lot of heated backlash on social media before it has even premiered.

According to Deadline, “‘The Activist’ is a competition series that features six inspiring activists teamed with three high-profile public figures working together to bring meaningful change to one of three vitally important world causes: health, education, and environment.”

Usher, Priyanka Chopra and Julianne Hough are set to co-host the Global Citizen-produced series.

Competitors will face off in challenges to promote their causes, and their success must be measured using social media engagement and hosts’ judgment. The three teams’ main goal is to create effective movements that “amplify their message, drive action and advance them to the G20 Summit in Rome, Italy,” according to Deadline.

At the summit, they will converse with world leaders and try to secure “funding and awareness for their causes.”

The show’s premise has caused a massive amount of fiery trolling on Twitter. Actress Jameela Jamil wrote, “Couldn’t they just give the money it’s going to take to pay this UNBELIEVABLY expensive talent and make this show, directly to activist causes? Rather than turning activism into a game and then giving a fraction of the much needed money away in a ‘prize…?’ People are dying.”

“I go on the activist reality show and do this and everyone including the judges are screaming and crying,” a user wrote, alongside a still image of Kendall Jenner from her ill-fated Pepsi commercial.

Another user added, “1. Why the hell are they judging this 2. Why the hell is there a TV show that turns activist into a competition when the whole *essense* of activism is solidarity and community. This is the absolute worst.”

“This is truly horrific, lol. A reality competition show on who can be the next Insta-activist? It’s performative at best, and kinda makes light of the hard work a lot of grassroots [organizations] do on the ground, on a daily basis. Gross,” one said.

“Ooooh I can’t wait for the cat fighting and activist vs activist shade! And the reunion show? Somebody is going to get served!” one fan joked.

“The Activist” will air over the course of five weeks on CBS starting Oct. 22 at 8 p.m.


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