Tom Holland Feels Brad Pitt Has Got A Similar Body Type & Would Be Perfect Star To Lead His Biopic

Tom Holland Wants To Be James Bond & Thinks Brad Pitt Is No. 1 Star
Tom Holland: “Brad Pitt & I Have Got The Same Body Type” (Photo Credit – Getty Images)

Tom Holland with Spider-Man has managed to make a place in the hearts of his fans, even those who thought no one could replace Tobey Maguire. With projects such as Cherry and Uncharted along with the elephant in the room Spider-Man 3, Tom has an exciting line-up for the coming couple of years.

In his recent interview, Tom opened up about Brad Pitt and how he’d be the perfect choice to play him if a film on his life ever gets made. He also talked about ‘Modern Family’ being his guilty pleasure and much more.

While talking about Brad Pitt in his biopic, Tom Holland said to Deadline, “I reckon he’d be a good one. We’ve got the same body type. He’s a little bit taller than me, but that’s all right, the 24-year-old actor said. “I’m not even joking, by the way. Brad Pitt is sort of the apex of what being a movie star is. If you look at his career and the work he’s done… I mean he’s No. 1 for me.”

He also revealed what role he has always wanted to play even before entering the industry. He said, “Nobody ever believes me when I say this, but it really is Spider-Man. As a young kid, I watched Tobey Maguire’s movies, and then Andrew Garfield’s movies, and then the cartoons and the comics. People are drawn to characters they feel they have something in common with, and Peter Parker was that kid who didn’t quite fit in, so I saw myself in him.”

He adds, “For me, my dreams have come true. I always wanted to play Spider-Man, and now I’m shooting my third movie. If I wanted to be really selfish, I would add James Bond to that list, but I think I’ve been lucky enough as it is, so I won’t be too offended if they never call.”

Talking about guilty pleasures, Tom Holland said, “Well, Modern Family is the go-to, for me. If I’ve got nothing to do and I want to sit down and just have a good old giggle, I’ll watch that. It’s just such a good show. So well-written and clever and nuanced. Plus, Phil Dunphy might be the best TV character of all time. If they published that book, Phil’s-osophy, I would absolutely buy it and live by every teaching that was in the book.”

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